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Best DSLR Camera for Beginners

cameras for beginners

One of the most important elements in Photography, is the camera itself, the main tool for recording images. Cameras vary in sizes and shapes depending on their mechanics and sensor sizes. Sensors are the equivalent to Film, and they are always related to that media when it comes to numbers. …

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BlackRapid SnapR20 3-in-1 Camera Bag/Strap Review

BlackRapid SnapR20

Billed as a 3-in-1 bag / sling strap / hand strap combo, the BlackRapid SnapR20 is a cleverly designed bag and strap system catering towards compact camera users. The main drawcard with this bag is the ability to use it in three different configurations - as a strap and bag combo, a sling strap alone, or just as a wrist strap if you're really travelling light.

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Shuttertalk Interviews Jamie Ferguson


Shuttertalk takes time out to interview Jamie Ferguson from Studio J Media, event photographer extraordinaire - renowned for assignments such as the 2003 Melbourne Cup, Gold Cost Indy for Redline, Australian Swimwear Model of the Year, Miss Indy, V8 Supercar, QC Girl, Miss West Coast, Summergirl, and more.

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