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Dpreview now has review scores
Jul 4, 2010, 18:54
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Dpreview now has review scores
Hey all, not sure if you've noticed, but DPreview now have percentage scores on their reviews. For the longest while, DPReview only used to publish a "highly recommended, recommended, etc." rating on their cameras, and most if not all cameras worth their salt only received "Highly Recommended" ratings.

I only just noticed, and they seem to be going through and updating all their previously reviewed models as well, giving them a percentage score based on several factors (build quality, handling, high iso performance, low iso performance etc.). In addition, they're also awarding a "silver award" and "gold award" badge to cameras - and these are not linked to their scores, so a camera can score lower than a rival camera, but it might still get a "gold award" if the reviewer feels that the model is outstanding enough to deserve one.

Anyway, just wondering what you think of the new rating system? In the past I always used to go over every single positive and negative and weigh that up in my mind when comparing cameras - and ultimately forming my own judgement of what suits me best. Now I guess, they're bowing to the pressure of public opinion and awarding a "score" so cameras can be more easily compared.

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Jul 4, 2010, 19:49
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Dpreview now has review scores
I think that at one stage you get an understanding of which features you need or want and look for cameras that meet these needs. I can not tell whether a photo was taken using Nikon or Canon. In most cases, I can not tell (without pixel peeping) and under good lighting conditions whether the photo was taken with my Canon G11 (a fancy P&S) and Nikon D300. I can often tell photographers apart. I think that there is a very narrow group of photographers with great skills and specialized needs that can coax better images from one camera than already superb images from the other. I doubt I could tell a difference but i do believe that they could. So - I just look for features I convinced myself I need, stay with the brand i already invested in and try to learn more about the camera and lenses i already have, while fantasizing, and sometime purchasing a new lens or other accessory with hope that i will be able to do what I could not do before. DP review is one of my favorite sources, but i do find the numerical score irrelevant for me, because the reviewers naturally value different features differently than i do. I enjoy chatting about cameras, but i just prefer photographing over shopping (most of the time).
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Jul 4, 2010, 21:54
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Dpreview now has review scores
I agree with Pavel for the most part - dpreview is too focused on the minutiae of pixel peeking IMO - yet, I would not consider purchasing a new camera without reading their exhaustive tests - so bravo to them.

As for the numerical scores, I understand why they went to that system - and it is probably better.
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