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Nikon Porn

Jan 4 2017
My set of Nikon F's.

[Image: 31949879792_1030accbaa_o.jpg]

L: Nikon F fitted with Nikkor H-C 50mm f2.0 lens and waist level finder hood. 1972.

R: Nikon F with Nikkor-S 50mm f1.4 lens and plain prism finder. 1971.

Both cameras are fitted with extended shutter release buttons and the Photomic Ftn metering finders are shown alongside.

What are your 2017 Goals?

Jan 3 2017
It's that time of year where people make resolutions (I still have one from 1996 that I haven't broken, it was not to make resolutions) and set goals for the coming year.

My main two are to keep improving my video technique and editing.

Secondly to capture an image of a mountain lion, in the wild. I don't even know where to begin, but I do know they are in the hills and mountains around here, as I once saw one far off. I'm planning to spend a lot of time in the mountains this year!

Not a goal, but a new project I have is that I am volunteering for the Local police department as a volunteer photographer, covering department events and internal ceremonies etc. Should be fun and will give something back to the community.

What are your photography related plans or goals for 2017?

Amazon Printing is running a 75% off year end promo right now.

Dec 29 2016
Amazon Printing is running a 75% off promo code right now. The code is NEWYEAR. A sample order of 78 prints (4x6 x66, 8x10 x8, 5x7 x4) would come out to be $6.21. Note that you'll only get 8-12 days free shipping with this promo code if you're a Prime member (you usually get 5-7 days free). It's hard to beat that price. http://amzn.to/2hx5qm6

Big Grin

How Many Cameras?

Dec 22 2016
Over the years I have owned a total of 18 Cameras, which works out to 1 every two years Since I got my first.... of Course 13 of those have been in the last 10 years which swings that average a bit!

4 Kodak (2 Film, 2 Digital)
9 Canon (2 Film, 7 Digital)
2 Fuji (Digital)
2 Olympus (Digital)
1 Bushnell (Binoculars with built-in Digital Camera)

I currently still own 6 of them.

I've owned 9 or 10 lenses over the different cameras, currently still have 7 of those.

So fess up, anyone else a gear hoarder?

Camera / Lens Calibration

Dec 8 2016
So yesterday I spent 6 hours calibrating 7 lenses to two bodies. I downloaded a calibration target that is cut apart and assembled on foam core to create a three-dimensional calibration target.

A few lenses needed next to no adjustment, while others were quite a bit off.

So I was just wondering, does anyone else calibrate their lenses to their bodies?

10 Best Photography Youtube Channels

Nov 8 2016
This is the a thread to discuss a new article that has been posted on ShutterTalk here:

10 Best Photography Youtube Channels.

We\'d love to hear any additional input you might have!

How a 19 year old photographer is capturing some stunning images.

Oct 25 2016
This is the a thread to discuss a new article that has been posted on ShutterTalk here:

How a 19 year old photographer is capturing some stunning images..

We'd love to hear any additional input you might have!

Excellent Low Light Photography Tips and Tricks

Oct 7 2016
For novice photographers, clicking photographs in low light is always a matter of difficulties. Here are some effective tips that can enhance your skills in low light photography.


Telescope photography

Sep 28 2016
Has anyone tried using a spotting scope to photograph the moon?
Using an csc should I somehow link the camera lens to the telescope eyepiece or
Remove the eyepiece and the camera lens and mount the camera onto the scope body.
Looking on the Internet,  I can only find the afocal method which requires 2 tripods and aiming the camera lens down the telescope lens. As the subject, the moon, moves the telescope and camera need to  be released aligned. Not easy.
This is best done with a compact using a special mount that clamps onto the telescope lens. 
I don't want to use this method, I want to use my Lumix gx7.
Cheers Mac

B & W projects 3

Sep 25 2016
Free for today. and, no charge!!!! Ed.


camera shake

Sep 21 2016
I'm having a few problems with long exposures. I always get camera shake. I am using a wireless remote, mirror lock is on and it's a pretty sturdy tripod and yet I get camera shake and very blurred images. I've tried everything I can to ensure there's no camera shake and yet I still get blurred shots when I try macro photography.
Camera is Canon 70D and lens Tamron 90mm macro.
I've had to resort to doing everything via flash or with very wide apertures handheld.
Any suggestions?

How to Become a Photographer

Sep 8 2016
This is the a thread to discuss a new article that has been posted on ShutterTalk here:

How to Become a Photographer.

We'd love to hear any additional input you might have!


Aug 24 2016
$0.25 ...

I made a deal with myself quite a while ago that I wouldn't buy any more photography gear until I made something - anything (even 1p) - from my photography. It's not about the money, but the principle.

Anyway, when I was on leave I put a handful of images on a couple of stock sites and blow me down with a feather one of them has sold.

Now I can go and look at a umbrella to go with my flash gun 🙂 When's pay day??


Take over of Portrait Format.

Aug 7 2016
I am sure you have all noticed the sudden upsurge of Portrait Format images and video, from the mobile phone brigade. Don't they know they can turn their phones on their side, for conventional images. We see images of disasters, horrors and funny incidents, every time we turn on our television. Is it just me who gets scunnered that they are all in Portrait Format. I am pretty certain, that 20 years from now we will have a tall TV in the lounge, and when we go to the cinema there will be a screen 30' wide by 70' tall. Or am I just being "old" again?

Just to show you can take proper photographs with a mobile phone.

Nokia N8, 1/370 sec, f2.8, ISO 100, processed in Lightroom 6.5.1.
.jpg Kirkcaldy sands 23-5-16.jpg Size: 187.08 KB  Downloads: 1160

How to Take Good Pictures in 8 Steps

Aug 4 2016
This is the a thread to discuss a new article that has been posted on ShutterTalk here:

How to Take Good Pictures in 8 Steps.

We'd love to hear any additional input you might have!

A trial

Jul 17 2016
Just testing, to see what happens, direct, and via photobucket, first pic I posted, just saved it as it is now. Ed

Edit, doing something wrong, Photobucket, worked before, back to the drawing board!

Edit again, Photobucket, this should work?

[Image: Bowden%20Loch_zps7vlgjnho.jpg]

And again

[Image: Evening%20Strike%20Bowden%20Loch_zpstnazsgxp.jpg]

Last one, via Photobucket, if it shows! thanks Phil, used your pic. Ed.

[Image: DSC_8820apps_ppwr_zpssxsuvfmv.jpg]
.jpg Bowden Loch.jpg Size: 136.58 KB  Downloads: 778

Images Posted in the Forums

Jul 14 2016
It should be obvious to the site administrators that the regular users are not happy with the way images are now being displayed in the Forums here.

They now appear only as small "thumbnails" in a list of attached files after the text, whereas previously they were sensibly re-sized (916 pixels across) and could be placed within the text (in-line).

If this is a temporary state of affairs then, as a matter of politeness, regular statements from the site administrators regarding the progress of any on-going site re-design, are a long time overdue.

If it is a permanent change then in my view it is a mistake - change should be implemented only if it improves the experience for all those using the site, and particularly for the regular contributors.


July competition

Jul 10 2016
Am I the only one who cannot see the July competition or has it not been listed yet?

Best DSLR Camera for Beginners

Jul 6 2016
This is the a thread to discuss a new article that has been posted on ShutterTalk here:

Best DSLR Camera for Beginners.

Post away!


Jun 30 2016
Flash... I know nothing about it, really. We've had a couple of sessions at the photography class, but all the lights and triggers and everything have always been already set up, and we've even been advised what settings in camera to use. So, I figured it was time to start some experimenting. My flash unit is a manual one, so I have to take lots of shots to get the levels right, but here's the result of my first effort. I was intentionally trying to get a black background (it's actually a white door!) by setting the camera settings so fast 1/250th f/18 ISO 100 that without a flash everything just comes out black. Then I set up the flash off to one side on low enough power just to light my face but not the background. Ended up with exactly what I intended ending up with. It's a start...
.jpg Selfie.jpg Size: 193.77 KB  Downloads: 346

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