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BBC Photography Season

Mar 5 2017
Britain In Focus: A Photographic History, starts tomorrow (6th March 2017) on BBC 4 21:00.

Adobe Master Collection installation grief: Fix coming

Feb 25 2017
I work in higher ed IT and got bitten hard by the “Installation failed” bug while trying to install the CC 2017 Master Collection in a lab setting earlier this week.

Oddly, the very same installer (enterprise build) worked the week before. A fresh and updated rebuild did not help.

At any rate, we corresponded with Adobe and they have been deluged with complaints. They identified 2 of the apps that were causing the issue (Scout and one other odd thing I don’t recall ever hearing about before).

A fix is expected Monday (2/27).

How to Create Stunning Sunset Photos – Easy to Follow Adobe Lightroom Tutorial

Feb 16 2017
This is the a thread to discuss a new article that has been posted on ShutterTalk here: 

How to Create Stunning Sunset Photos – Easy to Follow Adobe Lightroom Landscape Photography Tutorial

We'd love to hear any additional input you might have!

Interview with Russian Photographer Johan Lebedevski

Feb 11 2017
This is the a thread to discuss a new article that has been posted on ShutterTalk here:

Interview with Russian Photographer Johan Lebedevski.

We'd love to hear any additional input you might have!

How to Organize Images?

Feb 9 2017
I'm not sure how others store their images, but for a number of years I have stored mine in folders by date, they are stored hierarchically in subfolders for year, month and day.

Recently I was trying to help my wife, Anna, sort out her images. They were stored by date the last year or two, but everything else was in folders named where she was, the camera she used, some cute name, anything really, with no logical order or way to find more recent work.

She also had phone images, Facebook images and backed up phone images mixed in. The result was 41 GB of images, with many duplicates of a lot of them (up to 6 copies of a single image).

I set about organizing them... the first couple of hours was me sorting through and culling the obvious duplicates, slow and very ineffective when the shear number of images was considered. I started searching around the internet and came up with a couple of free programs that really sorted out the process.

The first was dupeGuru, a small utility that just pulls out duplicates based on file name, or img details. IT is free, but the current version no longer supports PC. They still make an older version available for windows and it worked just fine.

dupeGuru: https://www.hardcoded.net/dupeguru/

Now it was time to cull the facebook images, I used windows search and pulled every image with either .FB. or facebook in the file names, these were the facebook version of images that we already had, lower resolution and compressed. I also noted that her original cell phone pictures had numerical file names, while the back ups had either "Cell phone" or "CAM" in the file names, these were eliminated in the same manner.

Now I was down to a more manageable 12408 files, but they were still clustered everywhere, no logical file order or folder structure.

This lead to more searching and I came across DIM 5 - Digital Image Mover. It was an automated program that would take a folder, search the images for exif data and then rebuild a catalog in date or, structured by year, month and day. It could actually rename the files, and the structure was user configurable. Perfect, now my OCD obsessed brain could deal with the pictures, in a nice logical order!

DIM 5 by Alan Light: http://www.alanlight.com/dim/Dim.htm and http://digitalimagemover.tumblr.com/

Mission accomplished!

Now obviously before attempting anything like this, be sure to have a backup of the entire catalog of images, just in case anything goes wrong.

New gear=no money

Feb 8 2017
I just bought a new Sony A7 after hours and hours of research, this camera fits my needs. The A7 came with a 'kit lens', a 28-70 f3.5-5.6.not a bad little lens. Now, I am an 'old glass user', I love the stuff... I have bought a Minolta MD 50mm f1.7, and a 28-85 f3.5-4.5. Weather has not been to agreeable in the part of Ontario that I live, it has been to greyish, as a result I have not been out much. I have tried the 2  MD lenses on the cats, fridge, a blanket, beer labels, ( the contents being a vice for me) and my wife. Only one of which has complained, I'm hearing the phrase 'get outside to play'....  just like my mom did! I am amazed how good the lenses are! I have 3 more coming in the mail, 50mm f1.7 (MD lll version), 28mm f2.8, and 135mm f2.8. Now all the MD's are manual focus... and the A7 makes it easy with focus peaking, and focus magnifier. Any thoughts?


Feb 4 2017
One of the things I'm pondering on doing this year is some motorsport photography. I love motorsport - especially bikes - so it feels like it could be a good fit. Alas, I've never ever tried panning. So I figured with any races still months away this would be a good time to start some practice.

It's not easy. The shot below was the only one of about 50 that was anywhere close. And only then because (a) he was riding slowly and (b) I upped the shutter speed to 100. But at least there's some motion blur so I know I'm on the right track. Just need lots more practice.

But the other thing was I didn't feel comfortable standing by the roadside taking shots of strangers, albeit in cars and vans. I get the same thing when I go out with the intent of doing street work. It just feels intrusive and wrong. This morning one bloke even circled around and drove up behind me to ask what I was doing. Not in a nasty way - but it did reinforce that feeling of me doing something intrusive. Maybe I shall just have to practice at races themselves.

[Image: 31887016993_04f573f54d_z.jpg]

Panning 1

Adobe price increase.

Feb 2 2017
I have just received an email from Adobe to say that, due to the change in exchange rate between the pound (£) and the dollar ($), they will be increasing subscription rates for me, and I assume other UK subscribers, by 45%. So that will be me reverting back to CS4 and my purchased copy of Lightroom.

What Next?

Jan 27 2017
As mentioned in the 2017 Goals thread, I'm struggling a bit with direction at the moment - all the gear, no idea, you could say.

I've been looking at various photo sites trying to work out, in general, what photos appeal to me, and hence maybe where I should put some focus.

I do, of course, like a good landscape or wildlife shot, a fine portrait, and even a well crafted still-life. But overall the images that I find myself drawn to are the more documentary style images. Strangely, it's an area I've never dabbled in. Now I'm never going to be in a war-zone, or an earthquake zone, or some far-flung exotic place (might get to Wales on a Sunday once in a while), but there are still plenty of shots that record the day-to-day life locally (which, of course, is far-flung and exotic if you're ten thousand miles away from here).

So I'm pondering on this. No idea what, or where, or how. I will still want good light and compositions, but I want there to be a story there, too. Maybe not in a single shot, maybe it needs to be a series?

That's the idea, but I'm struggling to think how to kick-off. I guess within that overall generic framework I need to come up with a project about something specific. It'll be a starting point, at least.

Anyway, I'm just riffing aloud and trying to assemble my thoughts!

Watch this space 🙂

Resizing Images

Jan 11 2017
I need to know how to resize images to the following criteria: 2MB, 1600 pixels for longest side of image and 300dpi.  The image size in Photoshop wouldn't give me what I needed.  I used the Save to Web feature and, too late realized that the images weren't saved as 300dpi.  I did a lot of searching on the web for how to do this, but came up empty.  Can someone please help me?  It may be too late for the competition that I entered, but there is always next year.[Image: rolleyes.gif]

Nikon Porn

Jan 4 2017
My set of Nikon F's.

[Image: 31949879792_1030accbaa_o.jpg]

L: Nikon F fitted with Nikkor H-C 50mm f2.0 lens and waist level finder hood. 1972.

R: Nikon F with Nikkor-S 50mm f1.4 lens and plain prism finder. 1971.

Both cameras are fitted with extended shutter release buttons and the Photomic Ftn metering finders are shown alongside.

What are your 2017 Goals?

Jan 3 2017
It's that time of year where people make resolutions (I still have one from 1996 that I haven't broken, it was not to make resolutions) and set goals for the coming year.

My main two are to keep improving my video technique and editing.

Secondly to capture an image of a mountain lion, in the wild. I don't even know where to begin, but I do know they are in the hills and mountains around here, as I once saw one far off. I'm planning to spend a lot of time in the mountains this year!

Not a goal, but a new project I have is that I am volunteering for the Local police department as a volunteer photographer, covering department events and internal ceremonies etc. Should be fun and will give something back to the community.

What are your photography related plans or goals for 2017?

Amazon Printing is running a 75% off year end promo right now.

Dec 29 2016
Amazon Printing is running a 75% off promo code right now. The code is NEWYEAR. A sample order of 78 prints (4x6 x66, 8x10 x8, 5x7 x4) would come out to be $6.21. Note that you'll only get 8-12 days free shipping with this promo code if you're a Prime member (you usually get 5-7 days free). It's hard to beat that price. http://amzn.to/2hx5qm6

Big Grin

How Many Cameras?

Dec 22 2016
Over the years I have owned a total of 18 Cameras, which works out to 1 every two years Since I got my first.... of Course 13 of those have been in the last 10 years which swings that average a bit!

4 Kodak (2 Film, 2 Digital)
9 Canon (2 Film, 7 Digital)
2 Fuji (Digital)
2 Olympus (Digital)
1 Bushnell (Binoculars with built-in Digital Camera)

I currently still own 6 of them.

I've owned 9 or 10 lenses over the different cameras, currently still have 7 of those.

So fess up, anyone else a gear hoarder?

Camera / Lens Calibration

Dec 8 2016
So yesterday I spent 6 hours calibrating 7 lenses to two bodies. I downloaded a calibration target that is cut apart and assembled on foam core to create a three-dimensional calibration target.

A few lenses needed next to no adjustment, while others were quite a bit off.

So I was just wondering, does anyone else calibrate their lenses to their bodies?

10 Best Photography Youtube Channels

Nov 8 2016
This is the a thread to discuss a new article that has been posted on ShutterTalk here:

10 Best Photography Youtube Channels.

We\'d love to hear any additional input you might have!

How a 19 year old photographer is capturing some stunning images.

Oct 25 2016
This is the a thread to discuss a new article that has been posted on ShutterTalk here:

How a 19 year old photographer is capturing some stunning images..

We'd love to hear any additional input you might have!

Excellent Low Light Photography Tips and Tricks

Oct 7 2016
For novice photographers, clicking photographs in low light is always a matter of difficulties. Here are some effective tips that can enhance your skills in low light photography.


Telescope photography

Sep 28 2016
Has anyone tried using a spotting scope to photograph the moon?
Using an csc should I somehow link the camera lens to the telescope eyepiece or
Remove the eyepiece and the camera lens and mount the camera onto the scope body.
Looking on the Internet,  I can only find the afocal method which requires 2 tripods and aiming the camera lens down the telescope lens. As the subject, the moon, moves the telescope and camera need to  be released aligned. Not easy.
This is best done with a compact using a special mount that clamps onto the telescope lens. 
I don't want to use this method, I want to use my Lumix gx7.
Cheers Mac

B & W projects 3

Sep 25 2016
Free for today. and, no charge!!!! Ed.


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