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Thinking about going Mirrorless

May 19 2017
Howdie folks!
I have been shooting with a DLSR for the past 12 years and always loved it. Lately however I see more and more colleagues replacing their DLSR's for mirrorless systemcamera's. And I must say, next to the loss of a lot of weight, costs and space, the quality of their photography is still great! Are mirrorless camera's starting to pass by the DLSR?? For a while I have been saving up for a better DLSR camera, but now I am actually researching to go into a complete new system.
Although Mirrorless comes out as the loser in this article, I think the mirrorless will pass the DLSR very quick in the near future.

Do you guys have any experience with these? What do you think?

Macro Photography

May 17 2017

Macro photography is interesting since its a way to see your subject really up close and personal. You can buy used manual lenses that will work with your digital camera for less than 50 dollars. The key to macro photography is using a tripod and a cable release. If you have any macro shots please share them. Your subjects are limitless. 

Here are a few samples of flower photos I took with my Micro NIKKOR 55mm manual macro lens:

.jpg 060814PinkFlower_original low res.jpg Size: 225.09 KB  Downloads: 113

.jpg 060814RedFlower_original lowres.jpg Size: 214.39 KB  Downloads: 113

.jpg 060814WhiteLotus_origina low res_edited-1.jpg Size: 170.27 KB  Downloads: 114

.jpg 060814YellowWhiteFlower_original low res.jpg Size: 132.82 KB  Downloads: 114

Thinking about shooting film

May 15 2017
Hi everyone!
I know there among us guys that are experienced with shooting film that would be in position to give me some recomandations.It's been almost 1 month now since i started hunting for a film camera able to shoot 120/220 film.There are so many options, wich makes it very hard to decide.It should fit a 500-600$ budget.
So far i'm stuck on these options: Pentacon six,pentax 67 and the more pricey  Mamiya 645. I plan to use this rarely, just for portraits ,because i love the look of MF and because i became obsessed of the skintones produced by Portra 
What would be your pick guys for this price range?
Thank you!

The Cheap photo-tricks share!

May 11 2017
In my opinion every photographer should have some great tricks in his arsenal. Simple fast things to boost up a portrait or give a picture some extra flare. Anyway; always good to experiment; especially if it's with cheap household products! 
I came across this video:  ( the vaseline trick I would only do on a very cheap filter!!) 

I got my own few tricks up my sleeve. One of them is that I've shot a few portraits with 4 TL-lamps, looks great in the eyes in my opinion! (and because of the warm color-temperature you can make the white in the back blue if you correct it right). Check out some pics here:

[Image: HomeP%20(5).jpg]
[Image: HomeP%20(9).jpg]

Do you have any simple but cool tricks to share? I would love to hear them!

How many risk would you take for the 'perfect shot .

May 11 2017
Hi everybody!
Yesterday a friend of mine mentioned the death of a young guy who slipped and fell from a crane he was climbing, just to get a beautiful shot. Now I know many of us are badass; i lie around in the dirt or climb and balance on unstable tables and chairs all the time.
Here a google search with great pictures of how weird photographers can get

But when do thing go to far? When he told me the story I automatically thought about Joe Mcnally:
[Image: ?url=http%3A%2F%2Fmedia.rd.com%2Frd%2Fim...-01-af.jpg]
And the story he tells about this shot and getting high

What do you guys think? And what is the furthest you've gone to get 'the perfect shot' ?


May 9 2017
Hello Everyone,

Hope all is well. Spring is in full gear and the squirrels are busy being out and about. Squirrels are some of my favorite subjects to photograph. I enjoy the challenge since they don't stay still for long. They also make good models when they are still, since they are curious creatures by nature and will tolerate me being in close proximity to them. I thought it would be interesting for us to post our squirrel photos. I will start things off with a few of my images.

.jpg DSC_2707_original.jpg Size: 162.43 KB  Downloads: 148

.jpg DSC_9963.jpg Size: 278.69 KB  Downloads: 151

.jpg DSC_9968.jpg Size: 233.69 KB  Downloads: 147

.jpg DSC_9977.jpg Size: 350.66 KB  Downloads: 149

Most impressive photography books (Wishlist)

May 3 2017
Hi there all!
Over the years I have been very lucky to have had a lot of great photography books in my hands (great books of art and inspiration by great men; not instruction manuals, although they sometimes can be great as well; its not what i am talking about here). On my shell I have a few, including "dogs" by Elliot Erwitt, "The moment it clicks" and "The Hot Shoe Diaries" by Joe McNally, and "Heaven to Hell" by LaChapelle. 
Hwever: On my wishlist are still two (which both are very expensive) : Waits / Corbijn, and the most impressive one:
"Before they pass away" by Jimmy Nelson.

[Image: 51VwJAxofyL._SX415_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg]
The story behind this book is most fascinating, although it has also gotten a lot of criticism.
There is a backstage trailer about this book here

But now:  I am of course always looking for more Wink
What is on your shelf and what is on your wishlist? I would love to hear some great inspiration!

Building your own camera

May 2 2017
Hi everyone!

I got remembered that a while ago I made my own pinhole camera:
[Image: 532714_2607570527565_2072334076_n.jpg?oh...e=598EAC79]
(necessities: an empty can of beer, an empty box of matches, a plastick clicker, a needle and some duct-tape - and one full and one empty photoroll )
I followed these instructions: http://www.matchboxpinhole.com/
The results weren't great (because i kept on forgetting to roll the photo further!) but it was a lot of fun!

I got remembered as I saw this video of Chase Jarvis with a Lego camera: Chase with a lego cam

Did you ever do this? How were your results?

Creative Live Photoshop Week

May 1 2017
Hi guys!
I have no experience with these yet but it all seems free if you watch em Live (after they will cost a lot of money). These are all kinds of lessons in photography and photoshop. 
I am going to check it out later but already wanted to share it in case one of you is also interested.


Have fun!

Making money with photography on the road

Apr 27 2017
Hey there!

This will be quite a long 'commercial-door2door-businessman-kind of' story.
Sorry about that, but I hope somebody can get something out of it. 

As I started travelling full-time almost a year ago I ended working for most of my Dutch clients.
These days I have to be quite creative when it comes to making money, as most of the jobs are cold approach.
Next to working online, I get photography jobs like this: 

- Research: i check online for businesses and their pictures(or the lacking of).
I mostly go for restaurants (could also be a hairdresser, hostel, beautyshop ; anything where they appreciate and understand the importance of high quality visual content).
- Go there in the morning as it is the most likely time the owner is there. (don't negotiate with employees; it will only waste your time - i tell you this out of experience). (bring some relative portfolio pieces; digital is fine)
- Tell them you're a photographer and you saw their website. Without telling them their pictures suck (they know) , tell them you think you can create some beautiful pictures there.
- Offer them to shoot some pictures with the;  "if you like them, you can buy them from me. If you don't like them; no hard feelings. 
I find that a lot of people otherwise say no, as they are not going to hire a total stranger without social proof.
- Go there for the shoot at the moment the businessowner told you is the best time to do so. And shoot; do your best to be mister social as well as shooting great pictures. 
- After the shoot don't go home! Do the post-processing in the restaurant so the contact is still warm. If you come back a few days later I've noticed prices are always lower or sometimes they all the sudden have some nephew or friend of a friend who is going to shoot the pictures. You need the contact to be warm. 
- Negotiate with the owner: Prices vary on the country you are in, how well you did and what kind of person you are and you are negotiating with. 

For now this seems to work quite alright; depending on where you are of course. Some countries are really hard to land a decent job as there is already so much great photography out there ( I've noticed Denmark and Luxembourg.. ), and sometimes it's hard if you don't speak the same language although if you speak it a little it can actually work in your advantage (noticed this in France and Spain). 

Other ideas I have but have not tested yet:
- Be like a caricaturist on a busy street; but instead with a photobooth. Caricature Style photography/editing. Print right away on mobile printer. 

- This one I haven't figured out completely yet, although i can imagine there is something here:
if there is a business-event with a lot of businessmen offer the organizers of the event to shoot some pictures for free.
In the meantime bring loads of old memory cards (128mb/256mb) (with your contact info on it) with enough memory left over to shoot at least 20 pictures. Start taking pictures of the crowd with your normal memory cards.
As soon as you meet a person who is enthusiastic of getting their picture (I always meet people in these kind of events that want you to email them their picture) offer them to shoot their LinkedIn-profile picture. Do a fast 5 minute shoot (with one of the small memory cards) with them somewhere quiet in the back. (or you can actually do it with your normal memory card if you are going to post-process it on your laptop in the event) and sell him the memory card with their picture. 
As I am typing this I am not sure how this would work, if you have an idea I would love to hear your suggestions.

How about you guys; what are the weirdest ways you made money with photography? 
My friend was the intern of a photographer who, every time if he didn't have a commercial job planned for the day just decided to do something spontaneous. For example: he ran to the flower shop; bought a bunch of flowers, made some great photographs and sold the pictures to the police station the next day where he had a shoot (true story). They hung them in their hallways
Yesterday I met a guy here in the hostel and he is travelling through Europe by making really cool 360* videos for companies. Same way I am doing with the photography of restaurants, although he chases the higher-end businesses. 

I would love to hear your ideas/ ways on how to achieve to get photography jobs without having steady clients (great ways to get a portfolio as a beginner as well!)


Natural light or flash?

Apr 27 2017
Hi everyone,
I remember when i got into photography i was so eager to learn the composition and all the lighting techniques out there.I started watching tutorials,see what the trends were.Shooting flash with modfiers on location was trending and clients seemed to go for it.So I began introducing that into my photography.Nowadays, speedlights are getting cheaper and cheaper, strobes have power packs now and can be brought on location and i feel like a lot of photographers starts to overuse it.
 I shoot a lot outdoor and lately i find myself trying to avoid the flash, working al light as possible,not wanting anymore to care what's my strobe power,no high-speed sync, no modifiers.I just carry one 30" reflector, now i care more about the story,about keeping things natural and organic.I still use flash for commercial stuff and events where it is necessary because of unpredictable light.
My question is, what you guys shoot most? Natural or Flash?

The 'old lenses' - experiments: macro / zoom

Apr 26 2017
Howdie folks!

Over the years I've collected a bunch of old lenses that I normally wouldn't use. However I found a box full old stuff yesterday and decided to do a little experimenting with.
These are the first three experiments;  all with my ol' Nikon D90 with a 50mm 1.8. on my typewriter. 

#1 : The white Pipeline
[Image: 1lens.jpg]
This is some weird white pipe with a magnifying class in it; I think I found it a secondhand-store for E1,-.
Not anything special I found out; just a bit of extra zoom. 
[Image: 1results.jpg]
1. : just normal 50mm 1.8                                                               2:  the 50mm 1.8 with the White Pipeline held in front.

I was surprised it wasn't hard to auto-focus; although 1.8 is definitely not giving a good sharp image; so it is necessary to get your aperture a little more closed for a bit more sharpness. You can also see a bit of the tube on the sides of the image, so I guess it would be better of use with a 70mm.  I have no idea where this thing could come in handy, but I have a feeling this might be for some artistic/weird/free project. 

2. The Double Converter
Now these things I find quite interesting! 
[Image: 2lens.jpg]
These are in total 3 parts 
- A black lens which I guess makes your lens about x 0.7
- A combo of a silver macro ring (is usable solo on the 50mm)  and a
- silver lens about X 0.4? ( no idea how i got this thing but I think its some kind of fish eye converter)
[Image: 2results.jpg]
1st top picture left is just 50mm again for comparison reasons. 
2nd top picture on right is only with the black lens: not too much of difference: but weirdly I can get a lot closer to the subject and still get a good focus; this might come in handy for some projects.
3/ last picture. All the three lenses combined (screwed together with rings); And I'm quite surprised by the effect. I can get really close on my typewriter and still use autofocus. 1.8 also does his job; A lot of un-sharpness all around. 

3: Broken Canon 50mm 1.4 
I once heard if you turn a 50mm upside down in front of your 50mm it would give a macro effect.
My friend lend me his old broken 50mm Canon 1.4 Lens for this experiment.  Lets see:
[Image: 3result.jpg]
Works like a charm! In case you'll ever want to do some fast Marco-trick without spending a lot of money on expensive lenses; these things actually kinda work.

** I wanted you to show you the 50mm with the Macro-ring as well; but it turns out it gave almost the exact effect as using the Canon upside-down! **

Do you guys have any 'old' or 'broken' lenses around which you sometimes use for nifty tricks? Would love to hear & see some results!

Some people dont like cameras ; what to do when their in front of yours?

Apr 25 2017
Good day to you all!

Sharing some tricks of the trade;
how to make people who are in front of you're camera, but don't want to be there,  laugh?

This happens a lot when you have to shoot business-portraits or company-pictures; 
there are always a few people who hate it but their supervisor tells them they have to as they need pictures for the new website. 

[Image: total.jpg]

All these women hated to be on pictures.

Ive noticed I do a little routine, which I think is a combination of things I've seen other photographers do and copy that. 
Basically you always, of course, shake their hand and introduce and try to break the ice as fast as possible.
You give them information on what you're doing there and how they can get out of this situation as fast as possible.
The most important thing is to have fun, to laugh (even though there's nothing really funny) people copy laughing automatically, talk about stuff like holidays, the weekend, vacations, the sun (if its good weather outside) and joke and goof around.
Often I peek over my camera with a funny face or huge smile which always works for another shot.

This seems to work with most people, but somehow there are always people who are a lot tougher. 
So that is what I ask you guys; do you have any tricks you use? Do you keep it serious or do you goof and dance around like a clown when you have these commissioned jobs where people have to laugh into the camera although they hate it?

What is your worst mistake / fail ? (and how can others avoid the same

Apr 24 2017
So the last 10 years in the field I've been in some sticky situations and have seen or heard of colleagues with other nerve wrecking stories. 
My question to you guys; whats was your worst moment in photography? (And what can we learn from it to not make the same mistake?)
Don't feel ashamed; Sooner or later even the best professionals slip in a stupid mistake which could've (and should've ) been dodged.

I once had a shoot for a huge partycentre where there was one room with a wedding going on. A weddingphotographer came rushing up to me  and asked if I was shooting Canon (Im really sorry pal, Im on Nikon....) he was in the middle of the wedding and ran out of battery! Needless to say that's a nightmare but an easy one to avoid, however I've been in similar situations with running out of batteries for my strobist flashes. 

My worst one was of arrogance I think/ or atleast still believing I was young and could handle Tongue
2 years ago I was asked to photograph as one of the official photographers for a huge Dutch Festival (team of 4 photographers).
4 days running around the festivals with a list of acts and bands. I decided to sleep in my tent at the area where all the other employees were staying (and I soon found out why the other 4 photographers were staying out of the festival once they were done for the day.). 
Already after the first night there was rain and I got all my clothes and stuff wet, drunken employees (without a lot of responsibilities for those days) all around (one puked over my tent). I was sleepdepraved, cranky on a festival full of drunk partypeople, my feet were blistered while i had to run around atleast 20kms a day and had a tight schedule of one crazy act to another.
Lets just say I didnt deliver the best work of my life. While in the meantime this could've been the chance of my life.
Lesson arrogant me needed to learn; make sure you get a nice safe dry silent spot with a warm bed and a shower if you can after 14hour days.
Youre not 20 anymore. 

As Im typing this there are already more memories popping into my head, but I first want to here yours!

Vintage lens resurrection

Apr 24 2017
Hi everyone
I know there are some of you here who used to shoot film in the old days.Since nowadays almost everyone shoots digital and autofocus lens I could not resist buying a vintage lens.You can find a bunch of them very cheap on Ebay no matter what brand you shoot, they are easily to adapt to almost any system.
I shoot Nikon crop Dslr's D7100 and D5300, for my event and commercial work I use pro nikkor 17-55 f/ 2.8, Tokina 11-16 Pro dx, and Samyang 135mm F2, all these are great lens but they're big ,bulky and heavy for everyday walk with camera in a neck strap. So I was looking for a vintage nifty fifty.After some research i chosed a Nikkor 50mm F2 Non AI for 35$, a bargain.
I was only able to use it with nikon d5300 due to some mettering issues with pro bodies.
I would talk about this lens for a hole day but I will make long story short, this lens surprised me, it has very nice bokeh, very sharp starting F2.8, not the sharpest in my kit but i don't care that much.

I never thought that i'm going to like this much manual lens for slow paced photography. .

I'm thinking to start hunting a vintage Nikkor 135mm soon  http://www.kenrockwell.com/nikon/135f28.htm

Do you guys have any experience with vintage lens on Digital Slr's?
.jpg 50mm F2.jpg Size: 520.58 KB  Downloads: 128

.jpg 50mm F2.8.jpg Size: 527.93 KB  Downloads: 132

.jpg 50mm-f5.6.jpg Size: 777.63 KB  Downloads: 127

Great free photography documentaries on Youtube

Apr 21 2017
Hey all!
So I already knew there are a lot great documentaries about photographers and photography on the web for free; especially Youtube is a great source. I thought this would be a great thread to exchange some great inspiration to each other for those quiet nights after a hard days of work. (I searched the forum but didn't find a thread about this yet; if it already exists I'm really sorry! And yes, i know there are a lot of great things to find; but I would like to know which you guys think are the best)
Let me start of by the incredible story of Robert Capa:
The many lives of William Klein:
No Worries - Martin Parr:

I am still looking for Annie Leibovitz : Life through a lens. I saw it in school once but for now I can only find it in Russian...
So! Anybody else have some great inspirational photography (or documentaries about artists which still can be inspiration for us photographers) ? 
Let's share!

somebody stole a picture; not sure what to do

Apr 20 2017
Howdie folks!
So a long time ago I shot this picture of this old couple in the streets. As a young starting photographer I never even thought about asking for a model release or any of that. I think ive put it up on a website like Deviantart and on 500px, but that's pretty much it. [Image: 797f1ac8dabbbe709f51a1d8cf67be08.jpg]
Now the point is; a few weeks ago i get a message from a friend that saw it in a dutch TedxTalk about love 
vid is here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1BIomRPV7XQ  (at 5:17)

What would you guys do?

McLendon Caricature Photography: How?

Apr 18 2017
Hello all!
So I came across McLendon Photography and his Caricature Booth;  https://mclendonphotography.pixieset.com
Great idea and great results if you ask me!
Does anyone know how to achieve this effect and what lens he would be using?
I think its quite a challenge to keep all bodyparts sharp while blowing them up like that (Liquify cant achieve that)
I found a tutorial on youtube with a sort-of-like the same effect: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EeL2F4cgyPs
However I think McLendon does the photo-shopping live with his models around laughing, so I guess he must have a faster way of getting there. 
Any suggestions anyone? How can he do it live fast on location and how does he keep the sharpness in the images?

Photo Stories

Apr 15 2017
Since my obsession with photography began I always carry a camera with me. Not a smart phone but a real camera. The reason I do this is because I enjoy shooting impromptu photo stories. You never know when you will happen upon an interesting subject. Photo stories don't have to be elaborate. It just takes one image or an establishing shot with supporting imagery. I don't mind approaching people and asking them if they are interested in being photographed. I know I will feel regret unless I ask. 

For example I was eating at a Chinese Restaurant and a woman was making pork dumplings. I thought she would be interesting to photograph and she was more than happy for me to take her picture. 

.jpg DSC_3720_original.jpg Size: 244.98 KB  Downloads: 230

.jpg DSC_3694_original.jpg Size: 218.02 KB  Downloads: 228

.jpg DSC_3715_original.jpg Size: 211.81 KB  Downloads: 229

.jpg DSC_3691_original.jpg Size: 189.49 KB  Downloads: 231

.jpg DSC_3696_original.jpg Size: 243.71 KB  Downloads: 229

Joys of Night Photography

Apr 12 2017
Hello Everyone. Hope you are all well.

Photographing at night is one of my favorite forms of photography. I shoot with the tripod for some shots other's I handhold the camera. If you are going to handhold you will have to dial up your ISO, which may cause some graininess. However, a trick I do is find a light source such as a street lamp near my subject. That way you don't have to crank up your ISO settings which will cause graininess. Though some graininess works with certain photos depending on your subject. It can give a photo age, which can be interesting. Here are some samples of my night photo work: (please share your work and experiences)

The first image is the State Capital of Minnesota in St Paul, Minnesota. 2nd Photo is of the waterfront in St Paul along the Mississippi River. 3rd photo is of downtown St Paul and the Robert Str Bridge over the Mississippi River. 4th image was my windshield after a rainstorm. Final image is downtown Hastings, Minnesota during a foggy spring evening.
.jpg 061813MNStateCapital_original.jpg Size: 237.07 KB  Downloads: 228

.jpg 091813DowntTownStPaulNight_original.jpg Size: 268.67 KB  Downloads: 228

.jpg 070813001RobertStBridge_original.jpg Size: 221.56 KB  Downloads: 230

.jpg DSC_4870_original.jpg Size: 262.36 KB  Downloads: 229

.jpg DSC_9892_original.jpg Size: 219.53 KB  Downloads: 229

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