• Mission Workshop Rhake Backpack + Capsule Review

    Rhake hardware specs (starts at $365) External dimensions: 21” x 13” x 5” Internal volume: 1,350 cu. in. (22 L)…

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  • Gordy’s Camera Straps Review

    Gordy’s Camera Straps are a fine example of what camera straps could be – natural, stylish, unique looking, and a far cry from the common nylon and faux leather variety emblazoned with the usual manufacturer names. In this review, we take a detailed look at the wrist straps and the neck straps.

  • BlackRapid SnapR20

    BlackRapid SnapR20 3-in-1 Camera Bag/Strap Review

    Billed as a 3-in-1 bag / sling strap / hand strap combo, the BlackRapid SnapR20 is a cleverly designed bag and strap system catering towards compact camera users. The main drawcard with this bag is the ability to use it in three different configurations – as a strap and bag combo, a sling strap alone, or just as a wrist strap if you’re really travelling light.

  • BlackRapid RS-7 Camera Strap and BRAD Review

    The BlackRapid RS-7 is a modular camera strap featuring a unique upside-down design, as well as the BRAD, an optional attachment that secures the RS-7 and makes sure it stays in place. Read on for a review by Julian Tan.

  • Review of the Kata Auxiliary Pouch (AP) System

    The Kata Auxiliary Pouch (AP) System uses a military-type webbing and pouch system to hold camera equipment in a versatile and modular manner. Rob Will takes us through a detailed review of the system.

  • Essential Gear

    Going Mobile: Review of the Kata T-214 Torso Pack

    After having the pleasure of reviewing the Kata T-212 Torso Pack, we couldn’t resist the opportunity of taking a look at the updated version – the Kata T-214. Combined with the R-103 photo backpack, it forms a complete storage solution for mobile photographers.

  • The Crumpler Sinking Barge

    Review of The Sinking Barge Photo Backpack from Crumpler

    I had the opportunity to take The Sinking Barge from Crumpler – a backpack style camera bag that also accommodates a laptop and other gadgets – on a recent 4WD adventure to the country. Throughout the trip, even though the bag was bouncing around in the cargo area due to the uneven terrain, I had no reservations about the safety of my gear.

  • The Kata T-212 Torso Pack

    Review of the Kata T-212 Torso Pack and the W-92 Waist Pack

    This review by Rob Will covers the Kata T-212 Torso Pack and W-92 Waist Pack, two storage solutions which compliment a traditional backpack style system for carring your valuable photo gear.