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    Topaz Labs Plug-Ins Review

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    LensCapTrap Review

    Simple problems deserve simple solutions. One such problem that many photographers face is where to put that pesky lens cap, without leaving it behind or forgetting which pocket it in. LensCapTrap offers one solution, allowing lens caps to be attached via velcro to the camera strap.

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  • BlackRapid SnapR20

    BlackRapid SnapR20 3-in-1 Camera Bag/Strap Review

    Billed as a 3-in-1 bag / sling strap / hand strap combo, the BlackRapid SnapR20 is a cleverly designed bag and strap system catering towards compact camera users. The main drawcard with this bag is the ability to use it in three different configurations – as a strap and bag combo, a sling strap alone, or just as a wrist strap if you’re really travelling light.

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