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20 questions

Hey this is amazing!

You think of an object, and it tries to guess what it is by asking 20 questions!

I thought of a mobile phone, and it got it within 17 goes! Big Grin

Quote:Q17. I am guessing that it is a mobile phone?
Right, Wrong, Close
16. Would you find it in an office? Yes.
15. Is it smart? Maybe.
14. Is it straight? Maybe.
13. Is it worth a lot of money? Yes.
12. Can it discharge waste? No.
11. Does it come in a box? Yes.
10. Is it used with a computer? Sometimes.
9. Can you open it? Yes.
8. Is it larger than a pound of butter? No.
7. Does it fold up easily? Sometimes.
6. Can you get information by using it? Yes.
5. Would you pay to use it? Yes.
4. Does it bring joy to people? Yes.
3. Is it something you bring along? Yes.
2. Is it round? No.
1. It is classified as Other.

Wow, 2nd try - plastic drink bottle:

Quote:Q20. I am guessing that it is a plastic bottle?
Right, Wrong, Close
19. Is it used to carry things? Yes.
18. Was it used over 100 years ago? No.
17. I guessed that it was a container? Close.
16. Can you use it at school? Yes.
15. Is it used during meals? Yes.
14. Do you put things in it? Yes.
13. Does it get wet? Yes.
12. Do you open and close it? Yes.
11. Does it use numbers? No.
10. Does it usually have four corners? No.
9. Is it colorful? No.
8. Is it larger than a pound of butter? No.
7. Is it round? No.
6. Is it a synthetic material? Yes.
5. Is it hard? Yes.
4. Could it be found in a classroom? Sometimes.
3. Does it come in a box? No.
2. Does it have writing on it? Yes.
1. It is classified as Other.

I got hooked and played over 20 times, it got it every time but 2... and my answers to it;'s questions were dubious on one of the items! Even ones like :-

Quote:Q15. Get your mind out of the gutter! I am not allowed to talk about stuff like this

Got it to question 28 for a pin but it didn't like the way I answered some of the questions.

I got it to Q25 with 'camera'. This is way cool though!

Canon 350D with Speedlight 580EX flash
EFS 18-55 f/3.5-5.6 II, EF 90-300mm f/4.5-5.6 USM, EF 50mm f/1.8

I just beat it with an LCD monitor! Big Grin

Beat it again with guitar

It got me in 16 on Clarinet!

Took 27 to figure out wasabi.

Stumped it completely with digital camera sensor. It guessed crouton. Big Grin

Everybody got to elevate from the norm!

On some camera's a crouton might do a better job Big Grin

27 ?s on a candle , i guess thats not bad

Canon 20d and a few cheap lenses ..

It is our job as photographers to show people what they saw but didnt realize they saw it ......

This was for battery charger.

Q30. I am guessing that it is a movie projector?
29. I guessed that it was a scanner? Wrong.
28. Can it be used to talk to others? No.
27. Does it spin? No.
26. Does it contain a liquid? No.
25. Does it open? Maybe.
24. Would you use it daily? Sometimes.
23. Can you put something into it? Yes.
22. Is it used during meals? No.
21. Does it produce heat? Yes.
20. I guessed that it was a hard disk? Wrong.
19. Can you hold it? Yes.
18. Does it burn? No.
17. Does it have keys? No.
16. Is it made of metal? Partly.
15. Does it require specific knowledge to use it? Yes.
14. Do you open and close it? Sometimes.
13. Can you open it? Sometimes.
12. Do you use it at work? Yes.
11. Does it help accomplish tasks? Yes.
10. Is it square shaped? Sometimes.
9. Could it be found in a classroom? Sometimes.
8. Is it used for communications? No.
7. Does it break if dropped? Yes.
6. Do you hold it when you use it? No.
5. Is it outside? No.
4. Is it smaller than a golf ball? No.
3. Is it round? No.
2. Would you give it as a gift? Maybe.
1. It is classified as Mineral.


Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm
not sure about the former.

Albert Einstein

I beat it with a coffee cup Big Grin

Sit, stay, ok, hold it! Awww, no drooling! :O
My flickr images

I beat it twice, one with portable game console (I was going for psp but would settle for that) and then I beat it with dictionary!

3 x GoPro Cameras
1 x Canon S100
1 x Nikon D5100
1 x Sony DSC-TX10
Apple MacBook Pro 15" (Retina Display)

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