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2015 Top 7 ways to make money with your camera
There is still money to be made taking pictures. Here are our 7 favorite ways of doing it.
Anybody got experience with stock photography? I heard you have to submit, literally, thousands of photos in order to make a noticeable profit. Is it worth it?
For around 2 years I had over 1500 images on three different sites... made less than $60 in that time.

To make money you need a niche market, pick a few subjects, and flood the stock site with as many varieties of images that match your chosen area as possible. Office scenes always seem to do well, but you need releases for the people in them, then scan and upload those with your images etc.

I gave up after that trial period, but this was over 7 years ago, may of changed now.
I think the only thing that changed over the past years is the fact that DSLRs are much more commonplace now, and competition is fiercer. Still, $60 for 1500 images doesn't even cover the effort to shoot, edit, upload and curate the photos, in my opinion.

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