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300D vs D70!

Gotta ask the question - which one's better? Canon 300D or Nikon D70?

There is a comparison here:
dpreview: nikon D70
I guess each will have strengths and weaknesses compared to each other.

I dont know a fat lot about either of these, but I hear that the Nikon is better built and has more features. Mind you, I have been wrong before............... Rolleyes

Cave canem

So if the Nikon has better build and features, then it is better overall Smile
but I'm sure that other people would disagree.

I'm a proud owner of d70, and my colleague has a 300D.
It really depends on what you want to achieve. Here is a feedback from users of both model:

What model of camera and accessories (eg. filters, flash) do you have, because lens are interchangeable. i.e if you owned a Canon SLR, you can use the lens and accessories on 300D. Save a lot of money in the short-term. But my advise is to think long term. I owned a normal Canon SLR etc, but opted for d70.

Will you be taking continuous shots? D70 is far superior in this area.
Speed? Power on is instant on D70, a tad slower on 300D. When taking shots, D70 is much quicker too.

Design and overall built? Again, based on users feedback for both models - D70 has a more sturdy built, larger type face for the menu.

Image and color quality? If you are not aiming to do photography at a "pro" level, or not going to enlarge the photo, no huge diff between 2 models. Otherwise D70 again win on this.

Disclaimer: That's only my 2 cents, purely from personal experience and friends' feedback... Big Grin

lemangoholic Wrote:Image and color quality? If you are not aiming to do photography at a "pro" level, or not going to enlarge the photo, no huge diff between 2 models. Otherwise D70 again win on this.

Wow, that's definitely going to spark a debate! Smile

Wow .. the D70 is impressive...
i love my 300D ... but from the raw specs ... the D70 definitely wins out ..
not sure in practice tho ... but from what lemangoholic says ... D70 is the winner ...

i say ... Go the LOMO! .. dodgy construction and dodgy lenses ... !

peter Wrote:i say ... Go the LOMO! .. dodgy construction and dodgy lenses ... !

How about the lensbaby! ( Converts your thousand dollar SLR into a 10 buck camera Smile

LOL! Peter: Lensbabies is the lomo-effect-filter we wish for! lol! Tongue

Lovely effect though (from those samples on the site)... I wonder perhaps whether you can get the same effect with those center-focus filters (you know where the center is clear and the sides are blurry)...

Or you could get a cheap UV filter, kick and throw it around a bit... abuse it... see how it comes out Wink haha

hrmmm mebee i wnee done of these lens babies ...
or just smear some gel on my lens ..

I learnt in school that they smear vaseline around the edges to give it that soft-borders sort of look.

Sounds interesting, but , I'd rather take the picture and do the smearing in photoshop. How does emulating effects in photoshop compare to using the 'creative filters'?

I wouldn't mind using filters that do things you can't do in photoshop, like what a UV filter, ND filter, closeup filter, IR filter does, but for effects which photoshop can simulate, would you use filters?

Maybe I should have posted this on the creative filters thread, but since this 300D vs D70 thread has evolved into a discussion of effects (blames Peter for saying the word LOMO Tongue), I think it was appropriate to add my 3 cents (usually 2, but due to current exchange rates..)

From now, please try to keep to the 300D vs D70 discussion as suggested by the heading of this thread.

I admit I've also gone a little off-topic Smile

id use a real filter
such as diffusion ..

the filter actually has to have the light coming throught the filter to get the desired effect..

blurrung on Photoshop or sumfin cant produce the same effect.. caus eu lose the quality of the pic when u blur in photoshop...

ok .. i should stop goin offtopic .. but lomos r cool!
i want the frogeye .. underwater goodness.. !!

Hey now! Lensbabies have nothing to do with the inferiority of a Nikon aka "take me to the jungle or a fashion show" camera.

It is clear and simple. Canon is much closer to the start of the alphabet so it must be the winner.
#16 many times have I heard this debate?

Don't get hung up on the camera body. The heart and soul of an SLR is the lens - and Canon and Nikon both make excellent lenses. The D70 maybe has a few more features (but are they features that will ever be used?), but has "slightly" more noise at higher ISOs.

You will be happy with either one of them. A clear preference comes down to personal opinion only.

My 2 cents:
The Canon is somewhat cheaper - the Nikon looks more professional.

Nicely done Toad. I have the D70 - I love it. I have a friend with the 300 - he loves it. We both love them... for now. At some point you will outgrow both cameras.... if you are serious. Base your selection on lens preference.

Jerry T, Esq.

Nos an modica tantum nostri somnium
"We are limited only by our imagination"

Good advice, Toady... Big Grin

A good lens system will probably end up costing many times more than the body... and will probably outlive it too Big Grin

Yes - I am sure if we still want to get in a nit picky debate over every minute feature of each camera, someone at dpreview will be happy to oblige.

It is funny how the 300D is seen as less professional because of its silver body, I wonder if that is why the Kiss has been released in Japan now with a black body.

I have nothing against the Nikon's, but the D70 looks very boring from an exterior perspective.

It might as well be down to looks as anything else is just petty Wink

I imagine that is exactly why they released a black 300D. It is funny that people see the all-black body as looking professional - but they seem to. Just one of those curious phenonema.

We begin to see things and do things as we have been told to by the media, I suppose. People are actually sheep, maybe.

I use the D-Rebel and not once has a parson commented on the silver body. Not even a fellow D-70 from work. What about all the other silver bodied film SLR's out there?
I agree 100% about what Toad said. It has always been my understanding that the D70 out performs the D-Rebel but the D-Rebel is supposed to be the clear winner at photo quality at highr iso's. If I were going to spend the extra $$ for the D-70 I might as well buy a 10D.

Sit, stay, ok, hold it! Awww, no drooling! :O
My flickr images

Hey D-70 owners... I've got a problem with my camera flash... the flash has not worked since I got the camera... tried everything and still doesn't work after 3 months of owning it.

Any advice?

Oh really? Never worked at all? Should take it back, or get it fixed on warranty...

Will call Nikon today to find out... I bought it from Singapore...

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