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300D vs D70!

Straight off the CCD, RAW mode, ISO 500, 222.1 second exposure @ f/8. NR on. (edit: now accepting donations to the "clean matt's CCD fund..." Smile )

I am a fiend for long nightime exposures, and I bought the D70 due to it's beating the 300 at high ISO's, or so I thought.

The Dpreview has the D70 listed as having higher noise at all ISO's on their graph, but these images are what I made my judgement by:



(taken from )

That shot at the top was taken with a nice and sharp 24-85mm Nikkor, this shot was taken with a bargain 70-300mm lens @1600:

Any D-reb owner care to go snap a few for us? I actually am curious about this. Even though I think the whole "which is better" debate is entirely dependent upon what system you're already used to and equipment you already own, since they're both great cameras...

"It's not what you look at, it's what you see..."

I'll try and give it a go if I feel upto braving the cold weather and dragging my tripod out of the car, I don't have a cable release though so I'll have to time it and hold my finger on the shutter. Oh and I don't have an ISO 500, weird Nikon users Tongue

No shutter release? Use self timer!

keke ... i use my PDA to trigger the release ...
never really used it in practice before though ...

supposedly you can use a motorolla hands free as a shutter release ....
i should find one and try it out some day ...

peter Wrote:keke ... i use my PDA to trigger the release ...
never really used it in practice before though ...

How do you do that?

Just out of curiosity does 300D comes with an international warranty?

A word of caution, Nikon digital cameras doesn’t come with an international warranty. Yes all models...

I bought D70 from Singapore and am having problem with the flash. But Australian service centres will not cover the warranty. So I will have to pay for the courier to Singapore for repair. Quite dissapointed as I was misled by the supplier to believe that there is international warranty on the camera.

They don't come with an International Warranty, the only way you would be likely to get them serviced would be to become a Canon Pro Service member which doesn't apply to the 300D body anyway.

I've found that a lot of computer hardware manufacturers ask us down here to send items back to Malaysia and Singapore for service/replacement anyway so its not really a big deal.

Did you buy your camera from EBay or somewhere similar lemangoholic? (whenever I see your nickname I think "lemmingaholic" which would be a very strange addiction.

Ouch, sorry to hear that lemangoholic...

Oh yeah, I was just looking that up! (remote)

The D70 remote releases are on backorder, as is every other Nikon acessory that people like. You can get one for about fifteen / twenty bucks by waiting indefinitely at the mercy of an online store that "carries" them, or you can pay forty five or fifty for one on Ebay. Or, as per dpreview, you can also use other assorted universal remote things that use IR. I think I might go and grab a cheapo TV remote or whatever it is, and see what I can do. Holding my finger on the shutter is NOT my idea of fun, in case anybody was wondering...


"It's not what you look at, it's what you see..."

Not from EBay, brand new from Singapore. Was there for in May.
Not a strange practice to courier stuff, but just didn't like to be misled... or to put it in a blunt and not diplomatically correct way... lied to. Smile

If it was in Australia, would have sued them at a small court tribunal under TPA - misleading and deceptive conduct Tongue

Oh goody... maybe I'll get a D70 remote release to cheer myself up... Big Grin

I repeat - instead of a shutter release on long ecposures or where shake is important - try using self timer - cost "free".

Helps if you have a 2 sec self timer as well... waiitng 10 seconds before each shot is a pain! Big Grin

The D70 has 2 seconds, 5 seconds, 10 seconds, and 20 seconds. I use the 2 second timer incesantly when doing low shutter speed work. However, that's of no use to me when I hit "bulb"... Sad Hence the need for the remote!


"It's not what you look at, it's what you see..."

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