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8x10 digital capture back
This one borders on sheer madness / genius, depending on how you look at it. A professional photographer, Mitchell Feinberg, who shoots luxury jewelry and accessories has designed a custom 8x10 digital sensor back (yes, you read that right - 8x10 inches). It attaches without modification to a Sinar 8x10 camera, which he uses for his work.

The funny thing is that the 8x10 digital back, (which Engadget claims costs $500,000) only produces 10 megapixel images and so is not adequate for production work, but he uses it for test shots where he would usually use a 8x10 Polaroid. He claims the costs of Polaroid add up to $50,000 a year for him, so this custom back would justify his half a million outlay after 10 years.
Hmm. I am obviously missing something in this article. I don't understand why he shoots all that polaroid film. Wouldn't a cheap digital camera for test strips be a much more economical solution?
I did say "sheer madness"... Big Grin Also, the phrase "cash to burn" comes to mind...
No, that wouldn't work. You need to be able to check corner to corner focus at the actual film plane of the viewfinder as well as exposure, etc. View cameras are different animals. I've used scanning digital backs on 4X5 view cameras. pretty amazing tech! Super long exposures though...

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