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A Step-By-Step Guide for Wedding Photography: Time Saving Tips

Weddings are notorious for being a high-stress, fast-paced event. As a wedding photographer, it's essential to find ways to minimize that stress and save time so you can get the best shots of the big day.

Can you think of what they might be? Don't peek, how many did you come up with? OK, compare with list of 5 time-saving tips here.

The article makes some good points, but I don't think I would want to risk shooting the B&G the day before in their wedding attire even if they don't object to seeing each other in "Costume" because of bad luck... what if the dress gets dirty... wedding ruined for the bride even before they begin!

As an aside the list of recommended cameras embedded in the article was "interesting".

I would have got a kick on the backside if I had taken Pic 4.
As for cameras, only had one, never had a failure, and, produced at least a 20 page album, from 24 pics taken, talking 1951 onwards. Ed.

To each his own!

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