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A Suggestion
Would it be possible for everyone to put on the photographs posted on this forum the lense used and settings. As a new user of an SLR would be a great help to me and maybe others as a beginner.
BTW trip to the Snowy off as my poor husband has been in agony from a pinched nerve for the last few days so have been doing the rounds of doctors Xrays etc.
Canon 400D plus assorted lenses
I think thats a great idea Pat . I will try to remember to do that . Very sorry to hear/read about the hubby. I hope all turns out well .

.... Shawn
Canon 20d and a few cheap lenses ..

It is our job as photographers to show people what they saw but didnt realize they saw it ......
All the best for your husband Pat - sorry to hear about your trip being cancelled.
Canon stuff.
I will try to give this information about my pictures Pat...

Sorry to know about your husband and your trip... My best wishes for a speedy recovery... Smile
A work of art which did not begin in emotion is not art.
Paul Cezanne

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