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A goose.... (work with textures)
I worked this picture I took after Christmas of this goose that it was lost in the street. It was a series of around 10 different pictures as he was a bit uneasy when we approached it. This was the pose I liked the most.

I worked my post processing using a picture of a cloudy sky as texture, and the painting effect in the goose was a mixt of work with filters in photoshop, added noise at the end.

I printed it yesterday on canvas and it looks really great!

[Image: IMG_0614-Edit.jpg]

Hope you like it... Wink
A work of art which did not begin in emotion is not art.
Paul Cezanne
Lovely - looks very painterly. Lovely Victorian treatment.
The first thing I thought of when I saw this thread title was the outtake from the movie Liar Liar. (you'll know it when you see it)

Oh, and I forgot, I really like the post processing Irma!
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Thanks so much Toad, RP for your comments... Smile

RP I am sorry, but I couldn't see the video...
I have installed my programs to see videos, but somehow it doesn't work. Sad
A work of art which did not begin in emotion is not art.
Paul Cezanne

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