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A great image.........Or then again, maybe not.
I really dont know.
Is this good, bad, ugly?

Strange how sometimes one cannot tell.
Quite possibly, I shall be seeing this again tomorrow with horror, and deleting it.
[Image: clio.jpg]

Not really working for me I am sorry Cremetti.
Canon stuff.
I like it. Simple, painterly, a good combination of dark and light.
I like the process and the image, however I find the tan areas coming in from the edges (top left, left, bottom right) bothersome.
I like it as well. I am partial to the subtle lines and swirl patterns you have running through it.
Nos an modica tantum nostri somnium
"We are limited only by our imagination"
It doesn't really work for me, sorry.
A work of art which did not begin in emotion is not art.
Paul Cezanne

Thank you all for your replies.
It's a difficult one, isnt it? I still cant decide myself, but I did wonder if changing the hues may help it a little.
I dont really know, to be truthful.

Thank you again, one and all.

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