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A new camera?
No, a Christmas prezzie for the youngster, but quite a suprise! :o

Yes dog friends, I bought a Panasonic 1.3 mp camera-phone for the youngsters Christmas present. Big Grin To my amazement :o :o , it looks quite good, and the screen is 16 million colours! :o
I may trade my SLR in for the 12 mp camera phone with organiser, e-mail, tooblooth, video, wap, gps and boil in the bag.

Good grief! Big Grin
Cave canem
Time for the terrier to take his ritilin I think! Nice pressie though Smile
EnglishBob Wrote:Time for the terrier to take his ritilin I think! Nice pressie though Smile

No, far too American. :/ Not suitable either. Tongue You forget that my profession was psychiatry.......... Big Grin

I think I'll go for Lithium. Big Grin
Cave canem
"The youngster" ?
Everybody got to elevate from the norm!
The Youngster!
[Image: soft-SMALL-CRW_8212.jpg]
Cave canem
EnglishBob Wrote:Time for the terrier to take his Ritalin I think! Nice pressie though Smile

That may interfere with his prozac. Big Grin
Sit, stay, ok, hold it! Awww, no drooling! :O
My flickr images
Ignore the picture. Talk as though I'm not here. Ignore my Lithium comments.

Do I care?

Cave canem
Sorry for digging up an old topic... but I must have missed this one...

I just have to say - wonderful portrait Rufus! I love the eyes, and the blur treatment is very nice. A+++! Big Grin
Ah, crumbs.... Yes!

I was quite pleased with that one, (though I see errors in it now).

Thank you!!! Smile
Cave canem

i also did not see it??

nice hair
Was that done with the camera phone??? :O:O:O:O!!!

I recently bought my friends phone, and it has a camera.
I've been taking many many pictures now.
and the quality is HORRIBLE Smile
Now then Adam! Big Grin

You causing confusion here? I thought that was my job! Wink
Cave canem

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