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A true dog story.
Years ago, we aquired a large GSD-cross from a rescue kennel.
He seemed ok, not nasty or anything. Maybe he was a bit noisey, but ok........

Anyhow, we lived in a small town, (more like a big village), which had poor street-lighting and grass verges. We were walking this big beastie one night, when suddenly he saw another dog, lead by a middle aged woman, about 50 yards away.
NN was leading our dog, not me, and his sudden lunge to reach this other dog pulled her off her feet.
In the damp greasy grass he ran, and NN slid, cartoon style, spraying mud as she carved a track into the verge.
Soon, our big dog passed the woman, and reached her dog 5 feet infront of her. NN, still holding the lead, arms stretched infront of her, slid straight into this, (rather posh), womans feet.........................

In the dim light, the woman looked down, and saw a large moving mass with long hair......... Turning her rather aggressive gaze to me, she said;


Looking briefly down myself, I answered;

"THAT'S NOT A DOG! ........................ THAT'S MY WIFE!!!!"

Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Absolutely true story. Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
Cave canem

I didn't know Mrs Bucket had a dog!
Hahah funny story Rufus! I'm sure NN isn't too proud of that one... Big Grin
Hmmmm....well, I have to admit he's telling the truth on this one, but in my defence it was dark, foggy and the lady in question was not only very old, but also wearing rather thick lensed spectacles. However, Rufus' memory has let him down once more as the dog in question, Kruger, was not a crossbreed . He was a purebred German Shepherd. Tongue

Oh, and regarding ..."small town, (more like a big village)..." It was a village and for a long time, (maybe still) was the largest village in England.

Hands up all Shuttertalkers who have perfect, always right, memory-like-an-elephant, wives!
Cave canem
*puts hand up*

Mine has data retension of . umm... not exactly sure how long.
CompactFlash Big Grin

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