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AArrghg...... NOoooooo!!!!
Went to pick up bass, but NOT as described!

Demanded Paypal refund!!

Gutted now!

Cave canem
I hate that "not as described" garbage. Just like the Washburn I almost bought - not even close to what was pictured in the advert - and that was from a big retailer, not an individual.
Everybody got to elevate from the norm!
Paypal will take care of you Rufus. I had an issue with a seller and they were fantastic. Resolved within 4 days.
Nos an modica tantum nostri somnium
"We are limited only by our imagination"
OH NO!!!!! Sad Sad Sad : (
What happened? how different was it?
Not the same one as pictured?! SadSadSad!!!

The pic must have been retouched, as the bidy was damaged at the neck joint.
Also, the neck was scarred, and a fretwire was protruding.!

No doubt my friend Alan could have repaired it, but even so, I felt that I couldnt patronise a liar!

So I said, Tongue and, :x and now I'm Sad

So I'll now remove the "gleeful" tag, (which changes with my mood, as I'm sure you realised).
Cave canem
doh... my deepest sympathies roo... Sad
I like your use of emoticons! Tongue

ahhh! post processing should be banned from online auctions Tongue
Question to self: What is a bidy??
Cave canem
Yes, what IS a bidy?

Isn't it bid-y = product you bid for? haha

Bought a Tobias Pro 5 Big Grin

[Image: Toby%20Pro%205%20pic1small.jpg]
Cave canem
Sweet racing stripes!
Everybody got to elevate from the norm!
how many piece body is that?
Wheee!!! Looks like an Alembic bass Big Grin Nice on Roo!
God has placed me on earth to accomplish certain things.
Right now, I am so far behind that I will never die.
Glad you like it guys! I'm dead chuffed!!
Here is the spec:

Technical Specifications: Number of Strings: 5
Spacing at: Nut: 3/8" (.375)
24th Fret: 9/16" (.5625)
Bridge: 5/8" (.625)
Neck Construction: Through-Neck
Neck Wood: 5 pcs Laminated
Body Wing Wood: Bubinga
Body Thickness: 1.75"
Neck Wood: Rock Maple
Neck Finish: Satin (SN color), Gloss (TR, VB color)
# of Truss Rods: 1
Nut Material: Graphite
Nut Width: 1.77"
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Fingerboard Radius: 15.75"
Frets: 2.7mm x 1t
Scale Length: 34"
Machine Heads: Precision Die-Cast
Hardware: Black Chrome
Bridge: 3-Way, Fully Adjustable, Die-Cast
Electronics: Active Tobias™ Circuit with custom
"tone sloping" EQ parameters.
Power Source: 9V battery
Controls: Master Volume Pickup Pan
Treble: +8dB/-8dB at 1KHz
+11dB/-28dB at 10KHz
Bass: +9dB/-9dB at 100Hz
Neck Pickup: Custom-wound Tobias "SoapBar" style
Bridge Pickup: Custom-wound Tobias "SoapBar" style
Cave canem
Lol Roo... if you've got any spare cash lying around (which it sounds like you do), please send it to Shuttertalk Guitar Fund, Melbourne Australia Smile
Spare cash?

I'm poor! I have no real job, no major comittments, no boss, no set hours.......

No wages.

No sweat. Big Grin
Cave canem

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