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These were taken with a Pentax K10D and 18-55 f3.5-5.6 AL lens.  They have all made good 12 x 16" prints although the sensor is only 6mp.
This is the Manor House from the end of the gallop. 
[Image: 35709746502_a4bc44e387_o.jpg]

A better view of the house.
[Image: 35878873125_47fca67e1f_o.jpg]

The chapel at Ashridge.
[Image: 35709784112_8b800e187a_o.jpg]

A monument in the chapel.  The plaque below the sculpture reads as follows:
NB. This Monument was firft Erected near
theCommunion Table in the Parrifh Church of
St Martins in the feilds Weftm tr Where lyeth
the Remames  And on Pulling down the 
faid Church it was removed hither
in the year 1730

I love 18th Century English!

[Image: 35709789092_4d4fc2baa2_o.jpg]
Take my advice.  I'm not using it.Wink

Love this series. Just one more thing making me realize it's been too long since I came home for a visit.
Glad you like them, Craig.
Take my advice.  I'm not using it.Wink

First class Graham. Ed.
To each his own!
An outstanding series Graham !
Thanks guys.
Take my advice.  I'm not using it.Wink


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