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Advice on how to match photo paper to the photo
Some of you may have noticed my longish absence here. Not meaning to scare anybody, but I may show up again, but right now I am learning photoshop and learning to print. Here is a question and I hope you can help.

I am looking for an advice on:

a) how to choose paper type (gloss/luster/matte) (figer/canvas...)based on the type of photographs I have.

b) brands of paper (this is less important to me at this stage than a))

I have a colour managed system based on X-rite callibrated monitor and the use of softproofing for printing on ICC-aware, photoshop controled Epson R1900 printer using pigments (K4 pigments I beleive - cartridges # 87). Untill a few months ago, I viewed photos mostly on the monitor. I have been printing 8x10 (or proofing mostly) and 13x19. I tried samples of glossy and Matte paper. My preference runst in most instances to the matte, but not always and I am not able to predict what to use when.

Most of my photos are landscapes, often extreme contrast (shooting against the sun (!!!) with water reflection, but also some on an overcast, foggy day, some B&W or duotone. Of cause I could experiment, but at $60+ per box, I woud appreciate some guidance. Any good links/books? Any suggestions?

Thank you Pavel
Please see my photos at (fewer, better image quality, not updated lately)
or at (all photos)

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Advice on how to match photo paper to the photo - by Pavel - Nov 22, 2008, 20:45

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