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Advice on how to match photo paper to the photo
Keith Wrote:I have seen many prints where the ink had more gloss than the paper (in broad sections) and this distracted me so much I couldn't really enjoy the image itself.
That's the main reason I prefer gloss paper. ... What impact does the glass in a frame have on matte papers and the enjoyment of them?
Pavel Wrote:My aim when I print is always to frame. I have been warned about using the gloss, as this supposedly causes too much reflection. Looking at Epson semigloss (?) luster? is it the same thing? photos, the photos looked like posters and it turned me off. Matthew am I wrong about that? Do your photos on Epson luster have a feel of posters? Also the paper has low gsm and it felt insubstantial.
One of the features of the R1800/R1900 is that it has a clear coat as well as the colours, so that there's always the same amount of gloss no matter how much pigment has been put down. It does make a difference, even behind glass. I have a WTD print that's framed, and I can still see the gloss differential - but fortunately it works for the cartoon image.

I find that a photo behind glass loses most of its physical characteristics. Looking at the ones I have nearby, I can't tell which paper surfaces they were printed on, and the reflection from the glass is far greater than any difference in the print itself. (Of course, there isn't a huge difference between Gloss and Luster, but I can tell when I have a print in hand.) Similarly the weight doesn't matter as the print won't be handled.

Wall space is a finite commodity and a shared resource. You don't have the other problem that I do - even I wouldn't want to look at a wall of my own favourites all of the time - but having a folder or place to put unframed images is still a good thing.

Check to see which papers are supported by your printer before you go shopping. If I remember correctly, Hahnemuhle's rag paper ($6 per 13x19) doesn't work on my R1800, but Harman's FB ($5/67 per 13x19) is very nice. At this kind of price you don't want to be buying paper that you can't use, or switching types too often. • @matthewpiers | | @thewsreviews •

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Advice on how to match photo paper to the photo - by matthew - Nov 24, 2008, 08:22

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