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Advice on how to match photo paper to the photo
As the others have said, I think the choice of paper finish is a personal choice and there is no right or wrong.

However when it comes to the brand of paper (and ink) I think the choice becomes more important.
In nearly all cases I would recommend using the same brand of paper (and ink) as the printer. That is, if you have an Epson printer than use epson ink and epson paper, or Canon paper and ink in a Canon printer, etc..
The manufacturers go to a lot of effort to match the ink and paper to give the best results, and if you mix and match brands then you will almost certainly be undoing a lot of that effort. Not only will more likely get more accurate colours and avoid things like blacks having a different gloss to the paper, but I'll bet the prints will last longer without fading when ink and paper are matched.

The only exception I know of to this "rule" (for Canon printers and ink at least), is the Ilford Galerie range of paper which is excellent.
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Advice on how to match photo paper to the photo - by Kombisaurus - Nov 24, 2008, 17:21

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