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Advice on how to match photo paper to the photo
(Jan 6, 2014, 10:50)MrB Wrote: 1st point: A couple of years ago, I attended a talk by a rep from a paper company, most of which did go into the brain, but then went straight out again! However, he made one comment almost as a throw-away line, such that I doubt most of the audience even noticed - "The world is not glossy." That caught my attention, as I was just starting to print at home, and it stayed in my head, so -

2nd point: I made a general principle for my own work (not a hard and fast rule) - if the subject and/or other main elements of an image are glossy, e.g. glass, shiny metal, gloss painted surfaces, etc., then I try a print on gloss paper; but otherwise I use matte, on which most things do look very natural to me.




Thank you for bringing those points to our attention. When given some thought, they are entirely logical, particularly your personal point about printing to the finish of the subject. This I must try in the near future and if I remember, I'll report back to you on the results obtained.



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