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Am I loosing copyright to my photos by posting at Shuttertalk?

The pages at Shuttertalk state that All content, design and layout is © 2004 - 2006 Shuttertalk. . I have noticed this only about 2 weeks ago. Does this mean that when I post photos or perhaps articles that I loose the copyright to them? When it comes to photos, do I loose the ownership of the JPEGs posted or also the RAW that I have not posted? I know my photos are not worth much to any third party, but still they are a product of my efforts and I want to be free to do with my photos whatever I wish.

I am quite ignorant about these matters and so my concern may be over nothing. My only exposure to these issues were the statement of copyright and ownerships that I included with all my reports as a consultant, as I saw similar statements on the reports of other consultants. I am not sure what the Shuttertalk statement means. Some of you are professional photographers or semipros. Can you explain?

Thanks. Pavel

Please see my photos at (fewer, better image quality, not updated lately)
or at (all photos)

Hi Pavel, good question and the answer is no - definitely not. All copyrights for photos remain with the owner. I guess I should have been more explicit, but let me explain.

The statement that appears on every page is more meant to be for the reviews and articles section of the site, where we've worked hard to create original content. I've seen my reviews literally copied and pasted into ebay auctions and other sites in the past; not very gratifying to the authors, indeed. You may notice that on some articles written by people other than myself, they have inserted their own copyright notice in the article, which supersedes all others.

Perhaps it's time to revise the footer copyright? How does something like this sound:
Quote:All photos and trademarks are property of their respective owners.
All other content, design and layout is © 2004 - 2008 Shuttertalk.

Thank you Julian, That clarifies and settles the issue for me. Pavel

Please see my photos at (fewer, better image quality, not updated lately)
or at (all photos)

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