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Another job request.
Just had an e-mail, out of the blue, from a dancer I met a year or so ago, (sounds bad, but quite innocent).
She's joining a model agency, and wants a, what do you call it... Collection of images.

I'm a bit daunted, but certainly wont say "no."
Since I have no studio, I'm wondering..... Should I hire one, or should I go for a "location" shoot. I prefer the idea of a location, but I'm not sure.

Any tips from the pro's? Monkey boy?? someone!! :o

Here's her pic. Not taken by me, but enhanced a little by me, as it arrived looking rather dull.
[Image: REDHOT5470-motyer042-copy.jpg]
Cave canem

A "folio", I think them folks call it.
Er, could always, er, refer her to your Gloucestershire outsourcing department.....(salivate)
Location mate: ruins? Church? Gravestones? A NT property? Woodland? Focal length equiv. of 135mm for starters, wide aperture. Flash and reflector. Yellow or even orange filtration if in mono.
Suggest to her wearing a couple of outfits of differing uniform clours: she'd look great in a dark green, say, with one of black and/or of white.
Forest or churchyard+ a shawl or headwear of some sort?
Or, go for the complete mad red thing somehow?
Just a few off the cuff thoughts here Rufus.
Oh, and think of 10x8(magazine) format as you frame her up, ie; mentally lopping off from our 12x8 frame.
I think you'll do ace!
All my stuff is here:
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My band TRASHVILLE, in which I'm lead guitarist:
I did a portfolio for a dancer a while back ( ), and while I am by no means an expert - here are a few of my thoughts for what they are worth..

1. If the model is changing costumes and makeup, touching up hair etc. - you may want to stay away from a location shoot unless it has first class changing facilities. Weather and wind can create havoc with hair. Also some dance costumes just look out of place in the outdoors.

2. Bright sun can cause unflattering shadows - always use flash outdoors in daylight to reduce nose, hair and hat shadows.

3. If you have proper studio lights or multiple flashes - use them. The results look better if you pay attention to lighting, and it will give you the freedom to add motion to your photos. There are some great free tutorials on lighting here:

4. Watch your backgrounds. My advice is to get a large blue or green paper background to put behind and beneath your model - so that you can knock it out in Photoshop easily and put her in whatever setting that you like. Ask your model to describe the costumes that she will be wearing and get a background that does not match those colors.

5. Unless you have a very large studio or stage to work with, you probably won't get a chance to actually photograph the model dancing. You will need to get her to pose (easy for dancers) - and if you know what her dancing is like from seeing her live - you will have a good idea how to pose her.

6. People naturally do not like photos of themselves, and are very critical of them. Be prepared to have some shots that you think are excellent dismissed by the model.

7. Try to keep the model's legs, neck and back straight and her muscles slightly tensed. Muscles look flabby if they are not stretched slightly, and she will look much more lithe and atheletic if they are. There are a few examples of this in my portfolio - note in particular how the neck can be lengthened by looking backwards over the shoulder..

A roll of bacofoil and a strawbwerry milkshake.
All my stuff is here:
(Just click on the TOP RIGHT buttons to take you to my Image Galleries or Music Rooms!)
My band TRASHVILLE, in which I'm lead guitarist:

That's great advice, many thanks!

I've just been to see the girl in question, for a chat. She's adamant that she wants studio. Nothing else will do!!
I've seen her old portfolio, (well, not that old, probably about 18months), and it's awesome. :o :o :o
Oh, Lord, what have I agreed to????

Now I need to hire a studio.

(Put's paws over eyes, and barks " BRANDY!! I need brandy NOW!!" ).

Now I'm off to research studio hire............... :o

I think I may be getting sick............................

Cave canem
Zig Wrote:A roll of bacofoil and a strawbwerry milkshake.

:/ HUH?
Cave canem

Rufus Wrote:She's adamant that she wants studio. [i]Nothing else will do!!

You probably don't need to rent a studio. My dancer shoot was done in an old garage with a 7' ceiling. Cover your background with paper and use proper lighting and you have a studio for a fraction of the rental cost.

Apply the money saved renting a studio to renting a good lighting rig.
I dont have a garage!!!!!! Arghhh! Nervous breakdance..... Nonono, breakDOWN!! :o
Cave canem
Abandoned warehouse.


Everybody got to elevate from the norm!
Wow cool!

Image used in website publication one day, model folio shoot the next... NN must be proud! Big Grin
shuttertalk Wrote:Wow cool!

Image used in website publication one day, model folio shoot the next... NN must be proud! Big Grin

Yes, I t-h-i-n-k so........Probably...............

I've checked out a local studio.
Looks like we'll be going there. Not exactly the highest of high class, but it's ok.
It has a gym set, bedroom set, bathroom set, pole dancer set, high key and low key set, macro tents, blah blah.... Studio flash and hot lights, props galore, tea, coffee, makeup artist, models......... Probably all the usual stuff.

I'm thinking that Zig and I ought to hire it for a day, and get 3 or 4 models too.
Dont tell Zig though, as he might get too excited, ok? Big Grin
Cave canem

Nice gig , let us know how it goes .. Im looking foward to the day they call me and want the same thing..
Canon 20d and a few cheap lenses ..

It is our job as photographers to show people what they saw but didnt realize they saw it ......
Just as long as it's not you on the poles, Rufus, sounds like a great idea! Big Grin
Well gang, 10am Thurday 8th Sept.... That's 2 days away, I'm off to the studio to do this job.....

Ooooo errrrrr! Rolleyes
Cave canem
What a great experience, Rufus!! I am sure you will do it great!! Don't forget to tell us everything Smile
A work of art which did not begin in emotion is not art.
Paul Cezanne
Keeps us informed. Smile
Sit, stay, ok, hold it! Awww, no drooling! :O
My flickr images

Well, the big day arrives and Rufus is up 4 hours too early..................... This is NOT a good start! :o
Cave canem
Gaaahhhhhhhh!!!! :o

What a mad day!!!

After the studio session, I had to meet the bride and groom for the wedding shoot next week, (blimey, I'm getting busy!).
Did they turn up?
Did the ring me and give me earache at 22:00?
Am I ready to strangle them?

YES. :x :x :x

Shall I post a studio image or two? I've never done studio b4..... I'm going all shy and self conscious now................. :o
Cave canem

You advice was spot on...........

Unfortunately, in the heat of the many moments, I forgot most of it!
I fell over an Elinchrom 500 too. Not good.
Cave canem
OK, (here come the excuses).................

This isnt retouched as yet, nor, (as is plain), have I knocked the bg out, nor adjusted it.
This is, as they say, "straight out of the camera"
[Image: Pre-PS-example-1.jpg]
Cave canem
Conversley, here's one I started to play with.
It has a red problem!!!
[Image: red-issue.jpg]
Cave canem

I don't know much about this sort of photography but I like the way you got the background... #1

I really don't know if this comment is right or not... but as she has strips in her skirt... I would avoid lines and squares in the background... Why do you have this red problem?
A work of art which did not begin in emotion is not art.
Paul Cezanne
Hi Irma.
Yes, you make good points there.
The red issue is entirely a post processing error, that is, me being tired and lazy.
The final images wont suffer from it.
Cave canem

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