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Are we being too demanding of digital?
Just doing some reflection of digital cameras vs their film counterparts, and our expectations of digital cameras these days. With every new digicam that comes out - be it a DSLR or point-and-shoot, we scoff if the shutter lag is greater than a millionth of a second, snigger when it can't capture a hundred frames per second...

With film cameras though, people have long accepted that if you buy a point-and-shoot camera, that's what you get. So what it didn't have spot metering or a grid overlay? You would get a SLR if you needed those "pro" features.

Are we being too demanding with digital? Big Grin

id say im about as demanding as i am with film cameras ..
basically ... i stil lsee things the same ...
if you want more power ..
you have to fork out more cash ..
Yes, we are too demanding. But with good reason, digital cameras are more expensive.
True true...
I am more demanding of a digital camera. It has a computer inside it after all - it should do a lot more for the money. They do lots more now - but not for the same $.
I own a DSLR and a film SLR. I can get the DSLR body used for eight or nine hundred bucks, and the film SLR goes for ninety nine bucks, I coul find ten of them right now on Ebay for that much. If I were to buy a film SLR that could do most everything my DSLR can do, other than display the images right away and never run out of film, I'd only have to pay a couple more hundred bucks. My case in point: The Nikon D70, what film body would you relate that to? the N80? N70? Those bodies go for a few hundred, not a grand.

I rest my case.

"It's not what you look at, it's what you see..."

Why doesn't my darned DSLR have a built-in wireless slave trigger??? Why doesn't it have a built-in 20GB hard drive, instead of a port for those wimpy 1GB flash cards? Why doesn't it have a built-in GPS receiver, or at least a compass???

Demanding? You bet!
Everybody got to elevate from the norm!
Lol... you should rant here! Big Grin
Wooh I was thinking of a camera wishlist but couldn't come up with much, I like your ideas Mitch.

I think the medium format folks have got a good handle on things, wireless control and viewing via modded PDA, 20gb storage... could be the way of the future.
defintely sounds good... i second the wirelesss and HDD storage...

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