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Artist or Historian?
How do you see yourself - a historian, recording people, events and details for future memories; or an artist - creating images for pleasurable viewing?

Artist wannabe!
Gallery/ Flickr Photo Stream

Reality is for wimps who can't face photoshop.
I'm a lover not a fighter!

Your cat looks stoned guerito.

Oh and hmm I'd more a historian than an artist. I do a lot of things in a journalistic fashion, it would be nice if I had more passion (and time!).
i would say that i'm more a historian... although like a writer of history books - you would want to write in a fashion that was appealing to read...
A historian - but only because my concept of history is wildly distorted, heavily retouched and not at all based in reality.
I feel like an artist. That's why I like distortion so much. Lol.

Incidentally, it's not "pleasurable viewing." It's images that reverberate and stimulate that I aspire to. Very few images really make it of course.

Nikon D3100 with Tokina 28-70mm f3.5, (I like to use a Vivitar .43x aux on the 28-70mm Tokina), Nikkor 10.5 mm fisheye, Quanteray 70-300mm f4.5, ProOptic 500 mm f6.3 mirror lens.

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