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Asahi Pentax Bellows
Recently received an Asahi Pentax bellows and would like to be able to use it. Current camera is a Canon D6. Anyone out there know what and where I can find the adapter(s) that will allow me to hook up to my current camera. I have a few Pentax lenses but would like to try it with my Canon lenses. Any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated.
Here is a start, you could probably get an adaptor to use any lens at business end. Suggest you do not jump into this, research very carefully, to see that it does exactly what you want. Ed.
To each his own!
I have an Asahi bellows from my Vietnam/Navy days and use it with my Canon bodies. Google Pentax to Canon or M42 to Canon adaptors and can get one pretty reasonably. Since you won't be able use auto focus or any lens features you don't need to worry about whether it has the lens contacts so you can buy the lower priced ones. Works great and the same adapter that will mount the Asahi bellows will mount the Pentax M42 screw type lenses.

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