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Back Online

Hey I'm back online!

I had a lot of PC trouble lately - it didn't boot, only after several tries (sometimes with the need to reenter date and time in the bios), and then froze again after a while, just to give me trouble again with the reboot. After a miserable 30 to 45 minutes it worked perfectly ok, but at this point in time I was usually sick and tired of the whole thing and went to bed in a foul mood. This situation had been going on for weeks and months, and it had deteriorated to the point that I rather watched TV than doing something useful.

In the end I couldn't help it, I had to buy a new computer. Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

The new toy has an AMD 64 3500+, 2GB ram and 400GB disk space. Tongue It is not only silent, it's practically noiseless except of the occasional whisper of the disk array. And it's fast, although I didn't buy into dual core processor technology. No more swapping with more than one picture open, or an oracle database running in the background.

So, I'll be around again! Smile

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Wahoo! Jealous am I! Big Grin

Welcome back! Have fun with your new toy!! Big Grin

wow guerito, that is some powerful computer, I am currently using a Athlon 1400 with 128mb of pc-2100 ram :-( was using a 8gb hdd up until about 2 weeks ago when i got me a 20gb :-)

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