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Behringer X V-Amp

I'm thinking of getting the Behringer X V-Amp when I've saved up a bit more after my last "investment".... it's on sale here for $129 AUD.

I've read some reviews on Harmony Central, and most people say that the effects are great, but user interface takes some getting used to. It's quite cheap too (Boss GT-6, which is my ideal FX board = $799 AUD over here).

I like the fact that it's cheap and will allow me to get used to FX boards, and also that it's got a volume/wah pedal. What do people think about the two step "pedal/buttons" though? Do I need more? Or can you get away with 2 for playing at church?

Now, this is an entirely Rufus opinion, so dont take it to heart too much........

I found a site showing the device, and offereing the PDF manual, so took a look here:

All I can say is this:

1/ At £62, the effects just cant be that good! Ever hear a real reverb, for example? (By real, I mean a long spring reverb). Only expensive units emulate that correctly.

2/ Does the use of a complex effects unit detract from, rather than add to, your actual playing? It may.

3/ Are the effects on offer here really suited to a Worship environment?

4/ Have you auditioned this device, personally?

5/ Would a quality reverb, or DD or amp, be a better bet?

6/ Is Rufus a pain in the a***?


Cave canem

Rufus makes valid points.

The main comments I've heard regarding these low-end multi-effects units (v-amp, digitech RP50 - RP100, zoom 505, etc.) are that they are (1) not terrible considering the price, (2) fun for practicing and getting an understanding of what the different effects do to your sound, (3) overkill (e.g., you'll find that you use a couple of effects regularly, with most of the other effects sitting idle), (4) not comparable to a single-purpose pedal-type effect in terms of sound quality, and for live gigging you'd want a group of pedals that can be controlled independently.

But if you're going direct to PA or recording to computer, the amp models can be pretty cool. Personally I'd consider one just for the variety of amp models. On the other hand, I'd more likely just get a Marshall ED-1 compressor and a Boss BD-2 Blues Driver and be done with it; my amp already has reverb and chorus, plus a few effects I'll rarely if ever use (flange, tremolo.)

Everybody got to elevate from the norm!

Hey ST,

Before you buy the V-Amp, come over and borrow my GT6 for a couple of weeks (don't worry, I'll live!) and then you'll have a better idea of what effects you'll use and how milti-fx generally work.

Maybe you should consign your amp to ebay and go for a Line6 Spider.. Big Grin

God has placed me on earth to accomplish certain things.
Right now, I am so far behind that I will never die.

Hm.. interesting points guys... thanks. I'll think about it and do more research... Big Grin

If I've got money left over from my lens purchases, might get the Peavey Classic 30... or 50 Tongue

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