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Black and White

Just wondering whether anyone really uses the black and white modes / sepia etc. built in to their camera?

I think the same effect can be achieved in Photoshop or any graphics software... but then again, I hate manipulating my photos...

I've used it on my friend's camera, just because I could, even though I could get the same effect later on photoshop, but thinking about it, I don't think that I would usually do something like that. What if it looks nicer in colour and youve taken it in black and white? I'd take it in colour and change to black and white later if desired.

My Canon S300 does black/white and sepia, but I like the look of sepia more than b/w. I think it adss a certain 'retro' charm to pictures...

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For those who are still using SLR, you can create the sepia look using color film by overexposing your photo.

Is that how it works? I thought sepia was usually achieved in the darkroom using filters on the enlarger...

But I may be wrong Smile

Can any one tell me what the 'Sepia' and 'Chrome' modes, do/are? I am still new, as for Black and White, yes I have used it Once:
[Image: black_and_white.jpg]

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Sepia makes your pictures look old, giving a brownish tint.
Not sure about chrome though.
The best way to see these in action would be to try them out for yourself!
Or I'll find some examples.

Yup... dewy, on the S5000, the Chrome mode makes the colour really vibrant (sometimes just a little too artificially so)... just like Kodakchrome slide film (hence the name)

Here comes an example of a sepia photo (sorry not the best picture, but lack of time to search for a good one) Smile

[Image: DSC_0028.JPG]

Perhaps someone can upload an example of a chrome picture?

I never understood (and still don't) why you would ever limit yourself to one colour scheme in pre-production when you can have the benefit of many (full-colour/B&W/sepia, etc.) in post-production!

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true true, unless you just hate post-processing photos Wink

ahh .. il ove post processing not a prob for me .. ^___^
i always love the warm hue of using sepia tone ..

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