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Bottle cap tripod
Hey what do you think?

i should try to make one ...
I'd probably fill the bottle with sand though, instead of liquid - imagine if it tipped over and the liquid gushed out all over your camera! Oh yeah, the othe problem - how stable would it be? Rolleyes
Hahahahah!!!! Fill it with flamible liquids and light it on fire.
Looks like a novelty Tongue
Look un-pro, but i guess it could be good if you got a 5 foot bottle.
huahua .. try and get one of those 2litre big big bottles
youd want one with a flat base...

soo hard to find the right thing ..
use a glass bottle ?
lol. I think that would go under the Photographer's survival guide section. =P

LoL, funny tihng, I'd doubt it be that stable.
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The only way to see... try it out!
Eek, maybe try putting some cushions around just in case it falls over with your 300D on it! Big Grin

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