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Bright Light
I was looking through my archives, and saw this photo. I can't recall how it happened... any one got any idea? Aliens?

[Image: RIMG0028.jpg]
you had been drinking... then suddenly this arrived, you were probed and your story was published in the enquirer.
Camera: Nikon D70
Level: Eager Amateur
Area of speciality: Sceneries
Area of Learning: Portraiture
No wonder I can't walk properly today... Smile
You took a shot using a flash through a window...
Haha, that might just be it! Bonus prize to Toad! Big Grin
It's just an overexposed sun right in the lens.
Nikon D3100 with Tokina 28-70mm f3.5, (I like to use a Vivitar .43x aux on the 28-70mm Tokina), Nikkor 10.5 mm fisheye, Quanteray 70-300mm f4.5, ProOptic 500 mm f6.3 mirror lens.

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