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Building your own camera
Hi everyone!

I got remembered that a while ago I made my own pinhole camera:
[Image: 532714_2607570527565_2072334076_n.jpg?oh...e=598EAC79]
(necessities: an empty can of beer, an empty box of matches, a plastick clicker, a needle and some duct-tape - and one full and one empty photoroll )
I followed these instructions:
The results weren't great (because i kept on forgetting to roll the photo further!) but it was a lot of fun!

I got remembered as I saw this video of Chase Jarvis with a Lego camera: Chase with a lego cam

Did you ever do this? How were your results?
I recently saw a youtuber who had 3D printed his own pinhole camera, got me interested lol.
(May 2, 2017, 10:28)EnglishBob Wrote: I recently saw a youtuber who had 3D printed his own pinhole camera, got me interested lol.
Wow awesome! Can't believe I never thought of that!  Now I just discovered there are people also 3D printing their own lenses! Im going to up my game and stop messing around with empty beercans from now on!
youtuber prints own 135mm lens
This may be a good learning exercise for a starting photographer. You can learn how a lens focuses, learn about focal length, entrance pupil, etc.
Some next steps may be to add a drop in aperture or a second lens element to correct for chromatic aberration and soft corners.
You can do the same thing with a cardboard tube, but the 3d printed version is better because 3d printing. With 3d printing our future.

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