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Camera breakdowns...
I'm wondering whether anyone has ever had a camera breakdown on them in the middle of a shoot / trip / holiday? Anyone had a camera break down at all?

I must say I have never had a camera or accessory fail on me yet (touch wood)... Probably the closest I've gotten is the old "run out of juice in the battery" or "hang on while I delete some photos" situation...

Share your experiences!

i have....

uuhmmm a few...hehhee

1. dropped...uuhmmm fell with camera bag full of equipment on tar!!!
2. dropped 35-70 mm f2.8 in concrete i was amaze that still works after that.
3. dropped my F5 in gravel nothing happen to it.
4. dropped duped one of my elimchrom 500 watts in wet floor (mudd) notthing happen to it.
5. fell of a truck on a protest with my F5 and 20mm f2.8 Nothing happen to camera or lens
6. dropped F3 and 28-70 lens was finish
7. got washed from the fire deptartment hosepipe nikon f90x and 80-200mm f2.8 f90x dead

some of the equipment was the
i was also ok in most of them, i got in trouble a few times for this. but most of time i got real great shots.

My G1 has had trouble because the battery door latch doesn't seat properly, causing the camera to stop functioning until I can jam it back in.

Also an internal screw came loose, causing the zoom lens to get stuck. I took it apart, found the screw (but not the screw hole! Smile ) and put it back together. Works fine, except for the battery door.

The 10D has had some troubles before, usually with 3rd-party lenses. After a rapid series of shots, the camera shuts off and resets itself. No loss of images, only a brief loss of time.
Everybody got to elevate from the norm!
Never had an issue with a digital camera, but twice on vacation I have had a film camera's film advance motor go out. Once on a canon and once on an olympus. Both were Compact camera's.

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