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Canon 16-35mm f2.8L: Part 4
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Mar 15, 2008, 19:24 #1
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Right, we're still with the garden shot: 25mm.
This time we'll have a closer look at part of the shot from near to the centre, a selective crop that represents the point of focus.
We'll take it from widest aperture first, thus as you go down through them you will be seeing the scene at, respectively, f stops of 2.8, 5.6, 8, 11, 16 and 22...and I've just realised this may be maddening for you, in that I forgot to take more of the wider apertures. Naughty Zig, thwwwack! :/

[Image: pot 2.jpg]

[Image: pot 56.jpg]

[Image: pot 8.jpg]

[Image: pot 11.jpg]

[Image: pot 16.jpg]

[Image: pot 22.jpg]

There's sharpness and sharpness, really: notice how the softening of the image owing to being stopped down to f22 is starting to approach that of the actual bokeh at around f5.6? Depending on how one evaulates this, one could slag off the lens at f22 or explore the fact that there, then, at least 2 "kinds" of creative softeneing, each with their own textural qualities. Also look at how shadow detail is resolved at the various apertures... there are also apertures that seem to have differing qualities of contrast. I feel sure that as I get used to this lens, I won't be just going through the mental sliding scale of aperture against depth of field, but of which aperture to use for differing(albeit slight) tonal effects.

I've posted below, three 100% crops from this scene at f11. I really am overawed by the quality of this lens from 20-25-ish.

Firstly, from the background. Notice that even though the shot was converted from raw to jpeg at standard contrast, there is plenty of low-contrast detail in the fence panels, even though one might expect some degree of interference from the sky above:

[Image: pot crop 3.jpg]

Secondly, a snail, hiding away near the pot, just blow the lower step...

[Image: pot crop 1_sh.jpg]

And third, the smaller pot in front of the shed...

[Image: pot crop 2_sh.jpg]

....and a reminder of the whole scene:

[Image: 42_garden25mmf11-web.jpg]

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