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Canon Powershot S5 IS pros and cons
Hi All,

I need some help and I'm hoping that you all have some advice for me. I'm a beginner photographer and am looking for a good camera. I have been looking at the Canon Powershot S5 IS and S3 IS. I plan to be photographing nature, animals (wild and domestic), and landscapes. I want to be able to print good picture quality up to 9 x 11. I don't know which camera is best and I'm looking to not break the bank as I'm still a beginner. Any advice on which of these seem better? Or is there another camera out there that I should look into? Thanks for the help!

Hi Kiwi;

I don't have any experience with either camera, but I do know a photographer who produces good photos with the S3. It stands to reason that its replacement, the S5, would be better...

For not too much more than the S5, the new Canon G9 is getting a lot of interest. One site I trust put up a review of it here: If I was in the market today, it's one I'd seriously consider. • @matthewpiers | | @thewsreviews •
thank you matthew I will check it out
Hi Kiwican, as Matthew pointed out, the S5 is the replacement afor the S3. As far as I can see, here are the improvements (+ my take):

- 8mp vs 6mp (not much of a difference)
- Digic III vs Digic II image processor
- Longer movie clip limit (30 mins vs 8 mins)
- Face detection AF mode (probably a gimmick)
- 2.5inch LCD vs 2.0inch (this one makes a big difference)

The S5 has a slower shooting speed (1.5 frames per second vs 2.3) but you probably won't notice the difference.

A friend of mine has the S3 - takes great photos IMHO and you probably can't go wrong with either choice.

I am in no way an expert but I do own a powershot s5is and its great. Love all the settings and features and the vid is great too!

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