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Changing the look of Windows XP
No, I haven't switched to Windows Vista - I installed the Microsoft Zune theme, which is a visual style that turns all your title bars, windows, taskbar, etc. into a gorgeous shade of black... much better than the standard XP one.

[Image: 50_desktop.jpg]

Most "themes" that you find on the net require you to install additional software to hack (err customise) windows because Microsoft only allows specific digitally signed themes to be used with XP. The two "official" ones I know of are the Royale theme (blue one that comes with Windows Media Centre Edition) and this one - the Zune theme.

Get it here (bottom right):

The Royale one can be found here:

For my wallpaper, I downloaded "Real Bliss" that's supposed to come with Vista...

Gorgeous, aint' it?

Enjoy! Big Grin
Neat ST. I may join you, but not the pic although it is nice.
I have mine surrounded by a wide colour band and the wallpaper (one of my own) has the same colour band around it as well. So I can find all my 'Quick link' icons easier.
Lumix LX5.
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trying it

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