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China Impressions

Dear Shuttertalkers!

From today on you can buy my recent book featuring pictures from China, hot of the press!
I just returned to Germany and my impressions from the far away second home are still fresh and vibrant.
Buying my book you can not only share eighty pages of colourful, enticing memories of this mysterious "middle kingdom"
but also support me through the small share of the book price that goes to me.

You will find a small preview of the first pages of my book here:

And here is where to buy!

If you like it, don't hesitate to recommend it to your friends!

I hope you will enjoy this book and I thank you for your support in the making of this book!


Congratulation Uli. The sample photos are very interesting. I am a "foreign ghost" (gwei lo in Cantonese), but my wife is Chinese (a Han ("a person")). I have been with her two Hong Kong twice. That part was not that interesting for me, as I find Hong Kong similar to Toronto in many ways, but I found my trip to China fascinating. For me, born in Europe and living in Canada, China is like a different world (once you are out of Beijin). Again, I hope that the book will be a great success. In fact it is, since you did put it together and that is the real fun part, I bet. Pavel

Please see my photos at (fewer, better image quality, not updated lately)
or at (all photos)

It takes a lot of work and determination to do something like this.

Congratulations Dear Uli!!

You know that we love the book. You have so many wonderful pictures there. I am sure we will make our order very soon.

A work of art which did not begin in emotion is not art.
Paul Cezanne

thank you Pavel, Irma.

Pavel, I find gwei lo, literally foreign devil, much worse than what I was, just a lao wai, old foreigner, which is much more friendly my grandfather lived in Hongkong for over 30 years and still never really got used to it.... but yes, it is still different from the mainland.

thank you Irma!


Hmm Uli, thanks for the definition of gwei lo. I read that it means foreign devil and that is what I was convinced it means, but my wife swore that it means foreign ghost. Again, sincere congratulation to your book. Pavel
P.S. My wife is just reading what I am writing to you - I hope I will live through the evening. I will let you know if I don't make it.

Please see my photos at (fewer, better image quality, not updated lately)
or at (all photos)

It looks very beautiful Uli. Congratulations.

Canon stuff.

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