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Christian Wrestling

Hey this is an interesting read...

A summary:

" A loose network of pro and semipro wrestlers, UCW is the brainchild of Rob Fields, an otherwise mild-mannered English teacher at Woodstock High School in metro Atlanta. Fields, who lives near Atlanta, has been body-slamming for God since last summer and claims more than 200 souls saved."

"At each UCW event, matches alternate with testimony, gospel and prayer. Fields' crew wrestles for little or no pay, and the boss takes no salary, using the love offering collected at weekly matches, plus sponsor support, to cover costs."

"His precepts are simple: No blood, no profanity, no rude gestures, no scantily clad divas. Even the UCW "heels," or bad guys, refrain from insulting their opponents or any fans. Other organizations use the same formula. A Christian Wrestling Federation based in Rockwall, Texas, has been putting on "clean" matches since 2001."

I think it might still promote violence though, especially if Christian kids are exposed to it... what do you think?

yeah of course.. anything containing slamming each other around will ocntain violence... bein put in a context of being christian wresling ... it might even promote kids to think that its possible a good thing to do ...
that wouldnt be good ~_~

I dunno on this one. It might be promoting violence, but they might actually be sensible enough to preface each show with an announcement "do not try this at home kids!" and that these guys are highly trained atheletes who know how to take hard knocks.

I personally don't understand why someone would want to engage in a sport that could leave you permanantly damaged (like boxing), but I guess some people feel differently about life... Wink

God has placed me on earth to accomplish certain things.
Right now, I am so far behind that I will never die.

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