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Chromatic Lens Aberration
I can't say that I understand lens aberration well.

But I've never seen a chromatic aberration like this one!!

Explanations are appreciated.  Thanks.
Had a camera club member, 1950's, who frequently mentioned this, when critique was asked. I was 15/16, at the time.I looked it up in Ilford manual of photography, Xmas present, 1947. Memorized this, and spouted it when it was brought up by member asking exactly what it was. So from memory, forgotten now on what page.

In a lens showing chromatic aberration, differently coloured rays do not come to a common focus. It can be corrected by using, as a second component, a concave lens, in which the dispersion is equal, and opposite, to that produced by the first lens.

Ed. aka known as Lesley Welch, the memory man.
To each his own!
That looks like lens flare (not chromatic aberration), caused by a bright light source just outside the field of view. The stray light is reflected and refracted by surfaces inside the lens and reaches the sensor, producing odd coloured shapes in the image. It can be minimised by using a lens hood of the correct shape and size for the lens.

This is not chromatic aberration, although the underlying cause is similar. This is flare, caused by light from the sun, or reflected light from the sun striking the front element of the lens and being refracted from one element to another until the result strikes the image plane (sensor or film.) . Think of the front element as a curved prism.
Take my advice.  I'm not using it.Wink

Thanks guys.

Because of the color I was drawn to the chromatic explanation, and thought flare was white light.

Strange circular twist to the flare. Never seen anything like it.
CA is very subtle. B & W, it makes the image look slightly out of focus. Ed.
To each his own!
Lens flare there as others have said. Chromatic aberration typically forms along edges of subjects, typically where there is a strong difference in light levels.

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