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Cidaemon.exe is kiling my computer!

Hey you techies out there (pretty embarassing, coz I should be one myself) - I've got this process that is running at 95-97% CPU constantly called cidaemon.exe ... been going for a couple of hours now, even after a reboot.

Apart from slowing things down, my PC is burning up -- high temperature by the CPU being constantly utilised...

Can't kill the process - access is denied.

Any ideas? Big Grin

FORMAT!!! hur hur hur! haha
safe mode?
Or remove from startup.
After you disable try to delete, or just rename...
I searched it on google... and
GOOGLE: cidaemon.exe

From one of the results Wrote:cidaemon.exe is a Microsoft service used for fast searches. You can disable the indexing service to close down that program. Follow this sequence to disable the indexing service: click Start-Search-Change preferences-With Indexing service (for faster local searches)-and click "no, do not enable indexing service"

Haha, thanks adam... I uninstalled it... dumb program Big Grin

trust micr*soft to make something that screws up

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