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Colour Settings in Photoshop
Hi guys/gals,

I am quite confused in this aspect. Hope pros out there can enlighten.

(a) I have used EyeOne to calibrate my monitor. Say settings have been saved as "EYEONE"
(b) Currently, under "color settings" in Photoshop indicates the below:

Settings - North America General Purpose 2
Working Spaces:
CMYK - U.S Web Coated (SWOP) v2
Gray: Dot Gain 20%
Spot: Dot Gain 20%

Color Management Policies
RGB - Preserve Embedded Profiles
CMYK - Preserve Embedded Profiles
Gray - Preserve Embedded Profiles

QUESTION 1 - Should i change my working space to be as "EYEONE" profile or best kept at "Adobe RGB 1998"

QUESTION 2 - What should i put under settings where currently it is North America General Purpose 2?

QUESTION 3 - After i have confirmed the color settings in Photoshop(say i have confirmed Adobe RGB 1998), should one also indicate "Adobe RGB 1998" as the working space in the window of Camera Raw?

QUESTION 4 - If Adobe RGB 1998 is recommended to be the working space for ppl who prints the photos from lab and sending pics abit over the net, where does the calibrated profile of EYEONE comes in place? Is it just to make sure that the colours are "right" as what i see from my computer and it has no effect in what comes out of the photo labs?

Anyone willing to help bernard out? Rolleyes
this forum might help...
Eek... I'm out of my depth.

I may be ble to answer question #4: the colour space and colour profile are two different things. The eyeone calibration is profiling your monitor, which is done to standardize how it displays colours.

Your colour space in photoshop determines which colours can be represented. Ideally, you set you colour space depending on your output -- check with your lab to see what they prefer, find out if your home printer can handle the larger Adobe RGB, and I think the web is still based on sRGB.

Your monitor profile is to ensure that your colours remain consistent with other monitors and don't change over time. • @matthewpiers | | @thewsreviews •

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