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Corel AfterShot Pro
Corel is taking on Lightroom with the announcement of it's new product - Corel AfterShot Pro. It's actually based on Bibble (Corel has actually bought out Bibble Labs) but they bill it as more of a complete workflow solution, rather than just a RAW processing tool. It supports non-destructive editing, and more importantly is supported on Mac, Windows and Linux platforms, which is pretty impressive.

I'm not sure how much of it has actually been revamped by Corel but there were a lot of complaints about the messy UI with Bibble, and the other thing is that it doesn't support the DNG format, which is a deal breaker for most.

It costs $99 for the full version and $79 for the upgrade.
#2 seems it's not fully univerally supportive of some raw formats; however, it does look impressive(and cheap!) without getting too cloggy on one's processor.
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