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Creepy retouching software
Alastair says "Visit My Blog?"

wow! that's pretty scarey - but cool!
Perhaps one day they'll have this as an in camera feature! Then I can finally have a camera that "makes people look good".!
A bit concerned about it all being automated though - I hope there's some level of control - but if they manage to automate it, and it works on most pictures, then it's great!
Yes, creepy indeed - surprising that they can get such a noticeable improvement through automated algorithms...
I downloaded the trial, while there are automated algorithms, you do have to mark the corners of teh eyes, nose and mouth, you then go back and highlights the whole eyes, eyebrows, nose and mouth, followed by the outline of the face.

It does a reasonable job, fairly quickly. Great job of whitening teeth and adding gloss to lips. My wife loved the way it sculpted her face! It looked kinda querky to me.
I had a go for fun.
I maxed the sliders for MAXIMUM EFFECT AHHAAHrhoahroahroa
It's rather funny, I put myself as male first, then put myself as female and did it again.
I don't think females should have facial hair.
[Image: 1a.jpg]
[Image: 1b.jpg]
Wow, that's pretty cool - most blemishes seem to have been removed...

But that includest the "stubble" as well around your chin - what if the photographer wanted that there for the effect? Big Grin

errr... just for fun:
[Image: somepunk.gif]

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