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D300s is on the list of discontinued cameras but no direct replacement
I own Nikon D300 which was replaced by D300s. Now I am finding that D300s is on a "Discontinued list" ( and yet no replacement. That I suspect is unusual. I would have expected that they would have a path to update (rather than upgrade). Basically, you have a choice to upgrade to a full frame D800 at twice the price of D300 from APS-C (D300) or get a D7000, which is a first-class update of the line started with D90 (a step below D300). There is a big price and I suspect feature and performance gap between D7000 and D800. Does that mean that Nikon is not fielding anything in between?
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I don't doubt a D400 is on the way, but from a marketing perspective, they don't want to potentially dilute their D800 sales by offering a latest-and-greatest at a lower price point. I would expect a D400 to be announced by the end of summer.
My understanding, based on what I've picked up here and there, is that the D300s is only discontinued in Japan due to the battery issue, but unlike the D700, D3s, and D3x, it remains available to order within Canada. (Which probably means it's at least technically available in most of the world.) It will probably remain in the lineup for the rest of the year, which is probably an estimate of how long the remaining supply will last, and doesn't mean that a replacement won't come before then. (or after then, for that matter.)

There's too big a gap in the Nikon lineup right now. The D300s remains their second-fastest camera and is still the best DX choice for sports and action. That can't last – the Canon 7D is too good.

It is fun to speculate on what the replacement could be. A 24Mpx DX sensor to challenge the Sony A77? A D7000 sensor in a D800 body, but capable of 8-10fps? An FX model priced a bit below the D800, but running a variant of the 16Mpx sensor from the D4? • @matthewpiers | | @thewsreviews •

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D300s is on the list of discontinued cameras but no direct replacement00