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Delkin Cardbus 32 CF adaptor (not working)
Knock on the door... and yay!

[Image: IMG_8146_small.jpg]

Goods have arrived.
But my delkin cardbus 32 CF adaptor doesn't work on my laptop. (downloaded and installed drivers etc)

I plug it in, and nothing.... (running windows XP)

however, I put it into my fathers laptop (running windows 2000), and a new hardware found wizard thing pops up and I install it all good and works well! but on my laptop, nothing...

Any ideas/suggestions on what things should check? Is it possible that the cardbus slot on my laptop is disabled or something, so it doesn't see it?
Wow! 5 x 8GB cards?? Nice! Big Grin

Maybe try seeing if it shows up in Device Manager, and whether it shows up as disabled..
Right click "My Computer", then "Manage", then "Device Manager"
Oh my!

I don't have anything of value to contribute, but... oh my! • @matthewpiers | | @thewsreviews •
This message in device manager "This device cannot start. (Code 10)"

Actually I posted that pic to show off all the goodies that arrived, but I admit that only one of those cards are mine Tongue basically ordered a few and split postage with friends.

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