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Diff between 550EX and 420EX?

Hey just wondering if anyone knows what the difference is between the Canon 550EX and 420EX (flashguns)?

I heard that the 420EX has a faster cycle time... is that true?

One of the major differences is the price Smile haha
Apart from that, in terms of features, the 550EX is supposed to 'have it all'.

I'll find the page with comparison, but for now: Photonotes: Flash Photography with Canon EOS Cameras

Quote:The 420EX is great for general-purpose fully-automatic flash photography. It can also serve as a wireless E-TTL slave. However it lacks manual controls and only supports flash exposure compensation (FEC) on midrange and pro EOS bodies (ie: those cameras with custom functions).
The top of the line 550EX flash is quite powerful and can do anything a portable flash unit can be expected to do, but it’s very large and both costs more and weighs more than a brand new low-end EOS camera. However it can serve as an E-TTL wireless master, has manual controls and works in stroboscopic mode.

i have the 580ex and the 420ex. I was going to buy the older and larger 550ex, but couldn't see a reason to spend $300 on a flash and not spend that last $50 to get the best.
I have found the 420ex to have OK recycling time if you are shooting one shot every once in a while (about 5 secs.) The 580ex for me recycles very fast, even without the external battery pack. also if you have a camera that doesn't allow you to use second curtin sync or flash exp .comp., the 550/580 lets you do these in flash.

of course YMMV
-your web buddy

The 550 and 580 allow you to set the flash manually. That can be a HUGE advantage. There have been many times when I've wanted to throw my 420s against a wall because of the lack of manual exposure settings.

Is it that the 550EX has a max. guide number of 55 while the 420EX has a max. guide number of 42.
So the 550EX is more powerful, but also contains other features.

I use a Sigma EF-500. Which is supposed to have a few similar features to the 550EX

Speaking of 550EX I just got one for my Birthday a month ago, yet i still haven't had the chance to have a good play around with it (because of exams >_<). I found the cycle times abit slow, but it maybe just because i'm using dodgey batteries. I think it can be fixed by using those 2300mAh batteries.

update on the 550EX I just replaced the batteries with the 2300mAh rechargable batteries, and there is a HUGE difference. It cut down cycle times significantly.

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