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Digital Projectors

Looking for advice on Digital Pojectors.
My Camera Club wish to buy a new projector.
We produce digital images in Photoshop CS6.
After manipulation images are sized at 1400 x 1050 resolution.
1400 on horizontal side, vertical side less than 1050 for landscape.
1050 on vertical side, horizontal side less than 1400 for portrait.
Aim is 4 x 3 aspect ratio.
Have a Full HD laptop which we want to connect to Full HD projector.
Units are therefore compatible.
Full HD is 1920 x 1080 native resolution, connection is with HDMI cable.
1400 x 1050 native resolution projector has been suggested.
Further that a Full HD projector will scale up the data from the Full HD laptop.
Then compress down for projected image display with quality loss.
To me a Full HD projector will give greater flexibillity.
The image data will be transfered from the Full HD laptop as a Full HD window.
Cannot see why the projector would need to access the slide show software.
Feel the image would be displayed like a windows desktop icon.
Adobe Bridge slide show would be used which is Full HD software.
Has anybody any experience or advice they feel would be of use?.
Thanks in advance.


Alan 47

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