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EOS Academy Training
Has anyone taken the subscriber course, and is it good value for money. I am an 83 year old beginner with Canon 1200D camera and two kit lenses.
I haven't taken that course, what's the cost on it?

I did sign up for Scott Kelby's Kelbyone training videos. and despite 35 years of photography, 17 years digital and what I consider 121 years of "serious" photography, I am getting a lot out of it. they have tutorials that cover things from the most basic to very advanced. Plus post processing and many other photo related subjects. And for less than $20 a month I will probably stay subscribed until I cease to get anything new out of it.
Thank you for your reply to my query.
The course costs £79 per year, and is clearly based on Canon cameras, but good photography teaching is valid for any make of D.S.L.R.
Oops, just noticed 121 years...that should read 12... not immortal here and not The worlds oldest living human!

At least the price is reasonable and even learning the basics of a digital DSLR improves your photography or at least shortens up a very steep learning curve for a beginner.

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