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EVF or Optical Viewfinder?

Hey there! Just wondering what your preference would be - a high resolution Electronic View Finder (e.g. Minolta A2), or an optical through the lens viewfinder (like those found on DSLRs)?

Obviously the optical one will be the true image, but with the EVF, you get displays overlaid, and in some cases, automatic gain adjustment so you can see better in low light.

I like optical Smile
but with electronic (sony f-717?) you can see what youre going to take, see how is going to come out, is that correct?
like a preview before the picture gets taken, whereas on DSLR, you need to use DoF preview button to see whats in focus since the aperture is wide open.
I've only used a camera with electronic viewfinder once, I prefer optical (which I use all the time) (maybe because I'm used to it)

i love my optics ...
just some how it doesnt seem the same looking at something digital ...

I think you might get used to it, automatic gain adjustments and overlays sound good though Smile I'd imagine like a "rule of thirds" overlay to allow you to align things, line the horizon up, that'll be useful Smile
Would it consume much more battery?

Histogram would be useful too...

Oh yeah, optical would obviously consume no power Big Grin

Do the cameras with the electronic viewfinder display a real-time histogram?

I think optical would only consume power when you press a button like DoF preview or the shutter half way.
Having electronic viewfinder would be good for infrared photos, once you put the filter infront, what you see through the viewfinder is the image that you're going to take, instead of seeing black black black through the optical viewfinder.

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